What Are The Best Rear View Mirrors for Your Car in 2022?

When it comes to car safety features, the rear view mirror is as standard as it gets, and one of your most-used tools for visibility and defensive driving. That’s why it can be very alarming to have a rear view mirror fall off, whether after an accident or possibly due to age or shoddy construction. If this happens, you might be tempted to just drive without one instead of paying to get it replaced or repaired, but you need to resist the temptation—driving without a rear view mirror is extremely dangerous.

In this article, we’ll review the importance of rear view mirrors and why you need to make sure yours is good quality. We’ll also cover the best kinds of rear view mirrors and give you our list of the best aftermarket rear view mirrors to help you choose a new one for your car. 

Why Are Rear View Mirrors So Important?

A rear view mirror is a safety feature included in every car that allows you to stay aware of your environment while you are driving.


Rear view mirrors allow you to see cars behind you, helping you keep track of dangers around you and make better driving choices. For example, if you see a car following you too closely, you can move to another lane or pull over and let them go around you. Having constant situational awareness is a key part of safe driving—circumstances can change very quickly and you may have to make very quick decisions for your own safety, so you need to know what is going on in your environment at all times. 

Larger field of view

Rear view mirrors also give you a fuller view of the entire road behind you, and therefore your driving options. Reversing and passing are much easier when you can keep an eye on anyone approaching in the lanes beside yours. And of course, the rear view mirror makes parking much easier, whether you’re backing into a spot or out of a spot, you can keep an eye on when it is safe to go and stop suddenly if you’re, for example, passed by a pedestrian. 

Types of Rear View Mirrors

If you’re not sure of the kinds of rearview mirrors, it can be harder to choose the right one for you. Let’s explore your options!


Your side mirrors are placed beside the driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat on the outside of the car. A side view mirror gives you a good view of the cars coming behind you in the side lane. They also help you keep inside your own lane and aid with situational awareness when turning. However, the side mirrors do have a blind spot, the location of which differs depending on the vehicle and how they’re angled, so you need to be careful not to rely on only the side mirror. 


Generally, when you talk about your rear view mirror, you’re talking about the overhead mirror. This is suspended above your head in front of your windshield, and can be used without having to turn your head. It allows you to see the entire rear of your car, as well as all the lanes behind you. While it does provide a wide view of the car, you may still find there’s a blind spot. As with the side mirrors, the size and location of the blind spot varies depending on the vehicle and how the mirror is angled. 


An arched or wide-angle rear view mirror has a convex shape and allows a broader view of what is behind you while driving. These mirrors are easy to install and can usually be attached with a simple adhesive. However, since the mirror is convex, it can distort the image of the road, which is something to keep in mind.

Rear View Cameras

Some rear view mirrors now come equipped with camera options, taking video from mounted cameras on the back of your car and displaying it directly in the mirror itself. The camera allows you to get a clearer look behind you while reversing or parking without having to turn your head and with a much smaller blind spot. 

Best Rear View Mirrors of 2022 – Reviews & Recommendations

1. Chicom Mirror Dash Cam 9.66”

CHICOM V21 9.66 inch Mirror Dash Cam Touch Full Screen ; 1080P 170° Full HD Front Camera;1080P 140°Wide Angle Full HD Rear View Camera;Time-Lapse Photography
  • ✥✥✥【1080P front camera &9.66 Inch Big streaming media Touch Screen】1080P 9.66 inch streaming media rearview mirror features a Full HD…
  • 【Superior Night Vision】AHD Low exposure 1080P back camera features F2.0 6-glass lens that greatly enhances night vision while you’re…
  • ✥✥✥【G-sensor & Loop recording】When encounter collision, G-sensor will automatically lock the video, which makes the video can’t be…

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If you want a rear view mirror that doubles as a front and rear camera, the Chicom is a great option. The mirror has a front camera which records through your windshield, and comes with a back camera for you to attach. You can view the camera footage across the entire mirror, so you have a clear view behind you as you reverse.

The camera also has night vision and records at a high-res 1080p, day or night. You can also keep recordings, which can make it especially useful if you get into an accident.

  • Automatic recording
  • Records video during collisions
  • Rear camera has multiple attachment options
  • Reverse assistance with rear camera
  • Difficult installation
  • Video can be glitchy

2. AUTO-VOX Dual Video Rear View Mirror

AUTO-VOX 4.3” Build-in Bluetooth Upgraded Car Rearview Mirror with Dual Videos Inputs and Auto Adjust Brightness LCD Monitor Compatible with Car Rearview Backup Camera …
  • Original Equipment Look–perfectly matching the vehicle body just like any part of your car.
  • Built-in Bluetooth with hands-free calls–Answer the coming phone by pressing the phone button on the monitor, Improve the safety when driving.
  • Auto Adjusting Brightness–Equipped with 4.3 inch screen which is anti-glare, and auto adjusting brightness ensures clear image in any…

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The Auto Vox rear view mirror is one of the best electronic rear view mirrors on the market. The mirror has a 4.3 inch LCD monitor display that adjusts automatically for ambient light levels. Similarly, the rear camera will adjust for ambient light, lighting up the area behind your car as it gets harder to see. The mirror displays the rear camera image automatically as soon as you put the car in reverse, helping you pull out safely.

  • Convenient automatic brightness adjustment & night vision mode
  • Parking safety mode displays distance scale lines for easy reversing
  • Anti-glare coating
  • Wiring-free installation
  • Can be easy to damage
  • Rearview camera and switch not waterproof

3. CIPA 36400 Wedge Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror

CIPA 36400 Wedge Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror with Compass and Temperature
  • Add the convenience of auto dimming to reduce glare from headlight of vehicles approaching from behind, compass to aid in knowing which direction…
  • Added temperature probe displays outside ambient temperature
  • Wedge mount only

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The main feature of this mirror is that it eliminates headlight glare completely with its automatic dimming features. It also features a digital compass and temperature reading displayed on the mirror. You do have to deal with wires when installing this one, which might be harder for drivers who are not handy. 

The package should include the mirror, a power wire harness, a temperature sensor, temperature sensor wire harness, operation card, a wire tap (which may or may not be needed), and a replacement wedge button.

  • Automatic dimming
  • Programmable temperature reading
  • Self-calibrating compass
  • Wedge mount only
  • Mirror mounting adhesive is not included

4. Polaris Rear View Mirror

Polaris 2879969 Rear View Mirror
  • Durable, weatherproof construction, designed to perform in all off-road riding conditions
  • Installs easily: Mount bolts into your choice of pre-designated mounting locations on vehicle frame
  • Mirror attaches to mount & is adjustable

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This simple convex mirror is easy to install, with a mount that can be bolted in a number of pre-designated locations in your car. Once the mounting hardware is installed, the mirror can be easily attached and then adjusted easily according to your preferences. Stay safe with a full range of vision of the road behind with this mirror.

The mirror also fits any type of vehicle and comes with a one-year warranty in case you start to experience issues with it.

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Securely attaches to the windshield or roof
  • Mirror may not be well-fastened to the frame and pop out on tough road conditions

5. Broadway Bw847 Rear View Mirror

Broadway BW847 300mm Type-A Convex Mirror
  • Black trim and convex wide style
  • Clips onto existing mirror; 300R(300 millimeter Convex)
  • 300 millimeter x 65 millimeter

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One of the best panoramic rear view mirrors available, this specially-designed wide-angle mirror is compatible with many different cars but works best with a truck or larger suburban vehicle. It clips onto your existing rear view mirror, making installation very quick and easy. Since the mirror is wider than a regular mirror, it reduces blind spots due to its convex shape.

Keep in mind that this can only fit onto existing mirrors that are 2.165 inches to 3.149 inches in height.

  • Easy to install
  • 12 inches wide with a large range of vision
  • Reduces glare
  • Doesn’t fit all existing rear view mirrors

6. TOGUARD Backup Camera

TOGUARDCAR 1080P Mirror Dash Cam for Cars with Waterproof Backup Camera 4.3 inch IPS Full Touch Screen Rear View Mirror Camera, Parking Monitor, Loop Recording
  • Dual 1080P FHD Car Camera – CE13 dash cam mirror is equipped with 1080P high-definition front camera and 720P rear view mirror camera, presenting…
  • 4.3 inch IPS Full Touch Screen mirror camera – 4.3 inch IPS screen and the front 170°and rear 120°field of view have a wider and clearer view…
  • Safe and Secure Car Dash Camera- Built-in G-sensor sensing system, CE13 backup camera for car will lock up the scene to retain evidence when…

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This 7-inch mirror is another great option with rear and front cameras. Make sure you follow the guidelines that come with the camera. If you attach all the components correctly, you can virtually eliminate all blind spots. With the built-in G-sensor, the camera will automatically lock any footage taken during a collision to keep it from being overwritten.

  • Easy to install
  • Touch screen
  • Parking assist features
  • Retains recordings in case of collision
  • Video can be glitchy
  • Back-up camera is not as clear as the front one

7. WOLFBOX 12” Mirror Camera

WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera, 2160P Full HD Smart Rearview Mirror for Cars & Trucks, Front and Rear View Dual Cameras, Night Vision, Parking Assistance, Free 32GB Card & GPS
  • UPGRADED STUNNING 4K UHD – With the front cam’s resolution upgrading to 2160p from 1296p as of December 1, 2022, this G840S rear view mirror…
  • 12” LARGER SCREEN & BROAD VIEW – Upgraded from most rearview mirror cameras, WOLFBOX 170° front, and 140° rear lens provide an ultra-wide…
  • CLEAR IMAGE & ENHANCED NIGHT VISION – With a built-in high-quality chip, the WOLFBOX mirror camera records 4K front and 1080P rear videos. The…

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This ultra-wide view camera mirror minimizes your blind spots, keeping you safe. Both the front and rear cameras shoot footage in 1080P, and the front camera can record up to 1296P. The rear camera’s 6-layer glass lens enhances night vision for added visibility when driving at night. The built-in G sensor detects collisions and will begin to record automatically and lock the footage for later reference. It also comes equipped with a built-in parking monitor.

  • Loop recordings to overwrite older files when memory card is full
  • Perfect for trucks and RVs
  • Low-reflectivity LCD reduces reflection during the day
  • Camera cable length is only 20 feet, potentially requiring an extension
  • Unclear instruction manual

8. LeeKooLuu Backup Camera

LeeKooLuu Backup Camera Mirror Easy Set-up: Plug and Play HD 1080P Clear Image Color Night Vision Rear View Mirror with License Plate Camer DIY Guide Lines Waterproof for Car/Truck/SUV/Minivan LK1
  • 【Easy installation】The mirror backup camera is powered by connecting to reverse lights for use when vehicle is in reverse gear.Or can be…
  • 【Upgraded 4.3 Inch HD 1080P Picture】The rearview mirror backup camera Streaming Media Screen,anti-glare blue glass,ensure driving safety.The…
  • 【Super Night Vision & Wide Angle】LK1 camera rear view mirror equipped with 150 degree view angle, 5 white LED lights, whether day or night it…

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If you’re looking for an easy-to-install camera, this is one of the best choices. The LeeKooLuu Backup Camera can be affixed directly to your original rear view mirror with rubber mounting straps (which are included). The license plate camera has a IP69 waterproof rating with a 150-degree viewing angle and LED lights for clear night vision. The mirror is made with anti-glare blue glass and has a 4.3” media screen where you can stream video footage. The video comes with adjustable backup guidelines to help you with rear parking. 

  • 2-year warranty
  • LED night vision is very clear
  • Narrow view
  • Mirror is on the darker and dimmer side

9. Verivue Mirrors Universal 12 Inches

Verivue Mirrors Universal 12 Inch Interior Clip On Panoramic Rearview Mirror, Anti Glare, Clear Tint, Wide Angle Mirror, Car Mirror, Extended Rear View Mirror for Car, Rear View Mirror Accessory
  • Wide Angle View: This panoramic car rear view mirror is designed to expand viewing range, while enhancing the driver’s view of blind-spots and…
  • Eliminate Distortion: High quality glass is manufactured to eliminate distortion, glare and double reflections wide rear view mirror. This glass…
  • Fast & Simple Installation: This clip-on rearview mirror is designed for quick and complete installation in just seconds. Note that the car…

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This ultra wide-angle view mirror is high quality glass, eliminating glare, reflections, and light distortion. It is quite wide and expands the viewing range considerably, eliminating blind spots. The mirror is easy to install and can be clipped directly onto the rear view mirror. It also comes back with a 100% money-back guarantee in case you don’t like it and want a refund.

  • Easy to install clip-on method
  • Compatible with all cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • Lens dispersion prevents glass shattering if broken
  • Comes in blue or clear tint options
  • Glass is fragile and can break easily
  • Wide-angle image can seem distorted or be difficult to interpret

10. ICBEAMER 10.6 Inch Easy Clip-On Mirror

ICBEAMER 10.6″ Car Rear View Mirror, HD Clear Tint, Panoramic Wide Angle Convex Surface, 2 Interior Retractable Rubber Clips, Anti Glare, Automotive Accessories Universal for Truck, Car, SUV, 1 Pack
  • ⭐Enhanced Visibility – This convex rearview mirror features a clear lens that maximizes your field of vision, providing a wider angle view than…
  • ⭐Easy to Install – This car mirror comes with two adjustable buckles. With just one touch, you can fix it onto your original interior rearview…
  • ⭐High Quality – This car rearview mirror is made of high-quality and high-definition glass to provide perfect and clear visibility, maximizing…

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At 10.6 x 3.1 inches, this mirror is longer than most and can easily extend the size of your current rear view mirror. Another clip-on option, it offers easy installation and immediately expands your range of vision. The HD glass has a curved design and allows you to see the lanes around clearly so that you can switch lanes without hitting another car that might be in the blind spot. It also comes in several other sizes, tints, and can be purchased in either a flat or convex shape. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, the company also offers a money-back guarantee and has 24/7 customer service.

  • Cars are closer than they appear in mirror
  • Some users complain the mirror is too narrow

How to Choose the Best Rear View Mirror?

Before choosing your new rear view mirror, make sure you follow these tips and tricks to pick the right one.


While there are many basic rear view mirrors available, many aftermarket rear view mirrors come with additional features. These features include cameras, LCD displays, the ability to connect to GPS systems, temperature readings, and compasses. These features often make mirrors more expensive, but they also add increased functionality to your rear view setup. 


Make sure you are always picking a rear view mirror that is easy to install. If you have never replaced a mirror before, you may want to consider a clip-on or adhesive option, which is considerably more beginner-friendly.


Anti-glare mirrors allow you to drive without being blinded by sunlight or the headlights of cars behind you. This is not simply annoying but can be a genuine safety and visibility issue, so it’s a good idea to always look for mirrors that have anti-glare features. 


Most rear view mirrors are 8 to 12 inches wide and are rectangular in shape. Depending on the size of your vehicle, you may want to opt for something wider, but keep in mind that your image may show up in a mirror that’s particularly wide, which can be distracting. Some mirrors may also have rounded or oval corners that can give you a wider view of your back seat and the traffic conditions behind your car.


Here are the most common questions about rear view mirrors and the answers you need.

What Size Mirror Should I Buy?

The size of the mirror you should buy depends on the size of car you drive, as well as how you use it. Some cars will require bigger mirrors than others. If you drive often or have to commute long distances on the highways, you may find a large rear view mirror useful for a clearer view of your surroundings when driving. A wider mirror will also allow you to turn your head less when switching lanes. However, wider mirrors can also be kind of unsightly and more difficult to install, so keep that in mind when choosing.

Do I Need Additional Features on My Rear View Mirror?

That’s up to you! Some drivers like to spend the extra money on features and some prefer a basic rear view mirror. If your car already has a GPS, dashcam, or LCD dashboard, you probably don’t need to get a rear view mirror with the same features.

If you don’t have a GPS in your car and think you need one, getting a rear view mirror with this feature can be an economical way to get a GPS in your car.

Is it Normal That My Rear View Mirror Turns Dark?

Some mirrors will turn dark if they have auto-dimming features. Auto-dimming mirrors usually cost a little more and they always advertise that they are auto-dimming, so you will probably know whether you have this type of mirror or not.

The mirror will automatically change shades according to the sun and brightness coming into the car windows. The darker shades will automatically change back to normal once you are in different driving conditions. If you find this feature annoys you, many auto-dimming mirrors also have the option to turn the feature off. 

Is It Okay If My Mirror Rattles?

If your mirror is rattling or shaking, the mount might not be attached to the dashboard or windshield properly. Get the mirror checked out—you might need to get some additional screws or brackets to make sure it stops rattling.


Rear view mirrors are an important part of any car, increasing your visibility and helping make your driving experience much safer. Many even have additional features, like LCD displays, GPS, cameras with back up assistance, and more. If your rear view camera is damaged, or if you simply want a new mirror for your car, consider one of the many fine options included in this guide. After all, you can never have too many added safety features for your driving experience! 

Best Selling Rear View Mirrors

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