Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit Review

A windshield chip is that unfortunate event that could happen at any time to anyone while driving on the road, and most car owners would dread the expensive windshield replacement. But the good news is, not every chip could lead to a replacement. There is a quick fix to resolve the problem without breaking the bank. All it takes is time and a windshield repair kit and your chip problem should be gone in about 60 minutes. While there are plenty of kits you can find in the market, Blue Star is one of the brands that stand out from the rest – keep reading my Blue Star windshield repair kit review to find out why.

Different brands may give you different results. But the quality of the repair job also depends on how you manage the chip the moment it shows up on your windshield. A glass chip may seem like a minor damage, but it could get worse and call for a total replacement if you don’t do something about it. An immediate repair is critical when a chip starts to appear, and your actions could make a world of difference on the outcome of your repair job when it’s time to fix the windshield chip. 

Fixing a new chip would usually give you a good repair since the chip is still fresh, smooth, and clean, devoid of dust and tiny debris. Once it is contaminated due to the exposure with the outside world, and has broken further into a web of cracks, a delayed fix could end up in a bad repair.

What to do if you have a chip on your car’s windshield

A small chip doesn’t necessarily have to end in a costly windshield replacement. You could be lucky to have a chip that is small enough to be repairable. But you could also lose your luck if you don’t immediately do something about the damage. While a repair job is urgent, you may not have a windshield repair kit readily available to make the repair. 

There is a window between having a chip on the windshield and buying a repair kit, and during this time a lot of things can happen, which could possibly affect the outcome of the damage. So, if those chips start appearing, there are few things you should avoid when a repair job cannot be performed any time soon.

Avoid sudden change in temperature

Glass contracts and expands with changes in temperature. But the worst thing that could happen to the windshield is when the balance between the outside and inside temperatures is disrupted. When the external surface of the glass is exposed to too much heat, while the opposing surface is being cooled down by the air conditioning system inside the car has detrimental effects to the windshield chip, causing it to further weaken the integrity of the glass and spread into a bigger one if no immediate repair is done.

Do not apply clear glue or nail polish

As you browse the internet for solutions to windshield chips, you’ll come across several pieces of advice, from self-proclaimed glass experts, telling you to apply clear superglue or nail polish on the glass to make it appear less visible. They may have a point in certain aspects, but the quality of the result is nowhere close to the ones you can achieve by using a trusted and effective windshield repair kit. 

Clear glue and nail polish are just temporary repairs that will not last long. A glue is an adhesive that was designed to bind parts together, while nail polish serves its purpose by polishing nails. On the other hand, the Blue Star windshield repair kit was made after years of research using patented technology specifically for repairing windshield cracks and chips, keeping durability in mind. 

It also uses an advanced resin formula with high durability to fill the glass break and seal it. So you can forget the glue and nail polish to serve their intended purposes, and allow a cracked glass repair kit to perform its function for the windshield chip. 

Repairing the chip using a Windshield Repair Kit

The best way to fix windshield chips that are less than an inch in diameter, is to use a windshield glass repair kit, like the Blue Star which can make those minor glass damages less visible and no longer a distraction. Unlike a glue that you can simply apply over a bullseye glass break, a rock chip repair kit fixes the damage more efficiently than by just some glue dropped on top of the crack. 

The kit comes with tools for a more effective application of the repair liquid on the chip. Take note that every space in the crack should be filled to avoid air bubbles that could compromise the quality of the repair. This is where the repair apparatus serves its function. Some kits have an injection tool that pumps air out of the crack before the resin is applied to allow the liquid resin to fully occupy every minute space.

This is a critical factor that segregates different glass chip repair kits in the marketplace. The kits with an application apparatus are more effective in fixing the chips, compared to those that only require applying some drops on the damage. Thus, providing a better quality repair job.

Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit Review for Chip Repairs

MANUFACTURER: Blue Star Products, Inc. | BRAND: Blue Star | ITEM WEIGHT: 0.48 ounces | PRODUCT TYPE: Deep Penetrating Resin Formula | BOX CONTENTS: 1 Blue Star repair injector, 1 mylar curing film, 1 adhesive alignment seal, 1 tube of quick cure resin, 1 resin chamber pedestal, 1 razor blade, 1 instruction sheet.

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About the Company

The Blue Star windshield repair kit is a product of Blue Star Products, Inc., founded in 1978 by Mr. Gerald Jacino, an inventor who patented several glass repair products to his name, such as DIY windshield repair apparatus, plate glass repair apparatus, windshield glass repair flow regulator, tail light lens system, and glass break repair apparatus. His design principles were founded on ease of operation, simplicity in design, and world-class quality. Mr. Gerald Jacino is also the developer and creator of Clear Star Windshield Repair Product systems.

The high-grade repair resin the company uses can penetrate deep into the break cavity and cures with UV light source. Most of the company’s cracked glass repair systems are normally complex and priced higher based on the functions they perform. But they work for their intended purposes. For windshield repairs, the kits serve their functions well.

The repair process of the Kit

What sets Blue Star windshield repair kits apart from the other brands, is the simplicity of the repair job, which aligns with the founder’s vision for the company. The kit contains a couple of items to assist you in applying the liquid resin on the crack. It comes with a resin chamber that serves as a single platform for the application of the liquid resin. A repair injector is also added in the kit to apply pressure when forcing the liquid resin into the depths of the crack. 

Once you are done with the application, a curing film is provided to observe a proper curing to achieve the best results. There is also a scraping razor inside the kit for the removal of excess residue after the liquid resin has fully cured. It is important to clear the area of excess cured resins in order to achieve a clean finish.

Major strengths of Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit

In order to arrive at the decision of whether a product is best suited for the type of crack on your windshield, it is advisable to know its salient features and major strengths. For Blue Star, following are its notable advantages over other brands.

No installation needed

One of the attractive features of the product is that the straight-forward repair tool requires no installation, unlike other brands where you may need to assemble a few parts to install the resin applicator into the bullseye breaks. In the case of Blue Star, everything is ready and all you have to do is perform the repair. Just place the items on the windshield according to the instruction manual and you are ready for the job. Thus, simplifying the process.

Comes with a resin chamber pedestal

The resin chamber pedestal allows you to effectively push the resin into the deepest gaps of the crack in a tightly-closed space. You can’t find such a design in another brand, it is completely unique and very easy to apply. The resin chamber is what makes the application process quicker and easier than some of its competitors’. It is a complete assembly that requires no further installation.

Works best for chips and bullseyes breaks

The overall design of the kit makes it easy for anyone to repair a minor chip and bullseye cracks with a diameter of no more than an inch. It may also work on cracks, but you will need more curing films for longer cracks.


Even the most advanced windshield repair kits are not spared by flaws because no product is perfect. In the case of Blue Star, one of the few setbacks is it requires a longer curing time of at least one hour under the shade to fully cure and toughen the resin. This must be strictly followed to achieve a durable result, otherwise you will end up with a bad repair. However, the long curing time is compensated by a quicker repair job, which can be performed within 15 minutes, or even less.

Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit Review Recommendation

If you are looking for an easier way to repair a nasty chip on the windshield, Blue Star glass repair kit is the perfect product for the job. You can do away with the complexity of the process, as demanded by some brands. It will take only a few minutes and you are good to go. 

While the curing time demands at least an hour to fully cure the resin, this is the average curing time of most brands, except only for a few. But the good thing about the curing part is you don’t need full daylight for curing. A shaded area will do, unlike other brands that require direct sunlight. Thus, you have better flexibility in your selection for the curing location, and the appearance of sunlight has little effect.

But more importantly, the product works in minimizing the visibility of bullseye cracks, spider web breaks, and minor chips on the windshield. So, this Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit review highly recommends the product as one of the best solutions for windshield chips. The straightforward resin application process is the perfect match for a chip repair that doesn’t require any complex apparatus for forcing the liquid resin into the depths of the spider web glass fractures. It also works for cracks less than a foot in length.

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