Guide to Buying the Best Car Window Shades

Summer offers a world of adventures on the beach, surfing the waves, having fun with summer campouts in the wild, or simply having a tan lounging under sunlight. However, it’s not at all fun for your vehicle, which will have to endure the scorching heat of the sun for hours if you fail to park under a shade.

A closed car parked in the sun can hit up to 130°F to 172°F inside the cabin on a sunny day with outside temperatures of 80°F to 100°F. The dashboard temperature can rise to 157°F on average, while the temperature of the steering wheels and seats can reach 127°F and 123°F, respectively.

After having fun with your summer activities out in the open, you will surely not enjoy entering the car with an overheated passenger cabin. That’s just on the side of convenience. The most grievous consequences are on the side of the vehicle and on the electronic devices you left inside the car. Laptops can be damaged, and smartphone batteries will be significantly shortened. The color of the seat covers will fade quickly, and the vehicle’s audio and entertainment system could malfunction. Also, the dashboard will not only fade but also crack. These are just a few of the not-so-fun things the sun can do. Fortunately, there are car window shades to minimize the harmful effects of sunlight, and this short guide can help you find the right type of sunshades for the car window.

Top 6 Best Car Window Shades Review

Shopping for car window shades should be easy and quick. However, the numerous brand choices, different styles, types, and shapes can overwhelm buyers and make shopping more challenging than initially thought. Here, we have a list of the top car window covers today, with a brief review of each product, hoping to take the stress out of your shopping. Check them out to see which one is best suited in your case.

1. Enovoe Car Window Shade

Brand: Enovoe | Color: Black | Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car, SUV | Dimensions: 21” x 14” | Foldable: No | UV Protection: 97% | Material: N/A | Item Weight: 1.06 ounces
Enovoe Car Window Shades for Baby (21"x14") - 4 Pack - Sun Shade Blocker, Cling Window Cover - Glare Shield and UV Rays Protection for Your Child - Side Window Screens for SUV- Mesh Car Window Shade
  • Absolute Sun Protection : Enovoe's Car Window Sun Shade for Baby are designed to provide 97% protection from UV rays and sun glare, ensuring your...
  • Universal Fit : These 21” x 14” sun shade for car window fit most car windows, from SUVs to minivans and full size cars. Installation is...
  • Dual Layer Design : With a mesh side for visibility and static cling for attachment, you get the benefit of two in one! Enjoy hassle-free driving...

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The Enovoe car window shade is a pack of four shades for each side window of the vehicle, making it an excellent choice for the best car window shades for babies. It has a distinct dual-layer mesh design for the best protection against the sunlight for both sides, while still maintaining visibility. It also comes with a static cling feature that gets rid of suction cups and adhesives, allowing you to easily install and adjust accordingly without a hassle. The Enovoe car passenger window sunshades can block up to 97% or more of harmful UV rays, providing maximum protection for you and your passengers, including babies and kids. It also keeps the car cooler so that when you enter the passenger cabin after parking under sunlight, the temperature is at a comfortable level. Plus, there are free bonuses. You will get a Premium Pouch for easy storage and an ebook about tips on keeping your child safe in the heat. These free perks are valued at $29, which is more than the price you pay for the product. After carefully evaluating the features and offers against the competition, our review concludes that Enovoe car window shade is the best sunshade for babies and children.

  • Block up to 97% UV rays
  • Dual-layer mesh design for optimum protection
  • It comes with freebies
  • No sunshade for the windshield
  • It doesn’t provide 100% full shade coverage of each window

2. Autoamerics Windshield Sunshade

Brand: Autoamerics | Color: Silver/Black | Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car, Truck | Dimensions: 28” x 31” | Foldable: Yes | UV Protection: 99% | Material: N/A | Item Weight: 7.8 ounces
Autoamerics Windshield Sun Shade 2-Piece Foldable Car Front Window Sunshade for Most Sedans SUV Truck - Auto Sun Blocker Visor Protector Blocks Max UV Rays and Keeps Your Vehicle Cool - Medium Fit
  • ★ Market-leading sun protection with a Standard Silver design. The new Autoamerics 2-piece windshield sunshades combine unbeatable sun...
  • ★ Innovative & improved 2-piece design: Our premium sunshades are available in 3 different sizes and protect your dashboard, steering wheel,...
  • ★ High-quality appearance: Autoamerics Shades are premium quality with improved high-density UV reflective material, reinforced with...

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The Autoamerics windshield sunshade features a two-piece foldable front windshield sunshade with a heat reduction technology that blocks up to 99% UV light and sun reflection. It is made of high-density UV reflective materials with solid ductile wire reinforcements to provide outstanding quality and extended durability. The two identical overlapping shades give optimum adaptability to various windshield dimensions, allowing you to install it horizontally or vertically based on the best fit with your windshield. It can fit in trucks, SUVs, sedans, and minivans, and it is available in three different sizes. Installation should be far from your concern since you can easily slide the shades above your dashboard in seconds and a travel pouch is provided for safe and easy storage. Plus, there’s a bonus too. You will also get two dash anti-slip pads to hold your sunglasses and mobile phones.

  • Provides more than 99% UV protection and sun reflection
  • Flexible installation since you can install it vertically or horizontally
  • It comes with free two anti-slip dashboard mats
  • Only for the windshield and no sunshade for the four side windows
  • Very thin which makes it prone to tearing

3. EcoNour Windshield Sunshade

Brand: EcoNour | Color: Silver/Black | Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car, Truck | Dimensions: 75″ x 37″ | Foldable: Yes | UV Protection: 98% | Material: Polyester | Item Weight: 4.8 ounces
EcoNour Foldable Sunshade for Car Windshield | Dashboard Shield for Your Vehicle | Auto Window Shades for UV Rays and Sun Screen Protection | XXL (75 inches x 37 inches)
  • Premium Sun Protection: Protect yourself and your car from harmful UV rays and intense heat with EcoNour’s car Windshield Sun Shade. This sun...
  • Supreme Quality: Our reflective sun protector is made with high-quality 240T polyester material, ensuring durability and long-lasting protection...
  • Easy Install, Easy Fold: Our windshield sun shade is easy to install and fold, our sun blocker makes it convenient to use and store in the...

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The EcoNour windshield sunshade covers the entire windshield and diverts the sun’s heat, providing 98% protection from UV rays. It is made of 240T Polyester materials with three reinforced steel connectors for superior durability. The easy-to-fold design that pops out and folds back provides a snug fit for most types of vehicles, allowing installation in seconds. There are six different sizes and shapes to choose from, offering better flexibility on a range of vehicle makes and models. It has a reflective coating to reflect most of the sun’s UV light and keep the cabin temperature down. The product also comes with a pouch for safekeeping and storage. Considering the full windshield coverage and the durable 240T Polyester materials with reinforced steel connectors, the EcoNour windshield sunshade is our top choice for the overall best car window sunshades.

  • Full windshield coverage
  • Offers 98% UV light protection
  • More choices on sizes with six sizes to choose from
  • Requires additional purchase for the side windows cover
  • You need to manually adjust the sides for a 100% windshield coverage

4. EzyShade Windshield Sunshade

Brand: EzyShade | Color: Silver/Black | Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car | Dimensions: 31″ x 28″ | Foldable: No | UV Protection: 99% | Material: N/A | Item Weight: 6.4 ounces
EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade with Shield-X Reflective Technology. See Size-Chart with Your Vehicle. Foldable 2-Piece Car Sunshades Reflect UV Sun and Heat and Protect Your Car. Standard (Medium) Size
  • Shield-X Ultra Reflective Technology: EzyShade plus Shield-X has revolutionized sun shades, consistently leaving car interiors cooler and more...
  • Best Coverage Best Fit: Find your vehicle in the comprehensive Vehicle Size Chart. EzyShade Sunshades are 2 identical rectangular shades allowing...
  • Easy to Use and Fold: EzyShade’s unique design gives you two folding options, one of which is so simple that EzyShade even guarantee it....

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There are three good reasons to choose EzyShade for your next car window sun protection. First, it offers more than 99% UV protection and 82% heat reduction inside your car, which is the highest average internal heat reduction during the comparative study among 15 alternative-brand lightweight foldable windshield shades. Secondly, it features a two-shade design that fits well with your car, and there are three different sizes to choose from for a better fit with small, medium, and large vehicles. There’s also a size chart for easy reference. Lastly, there’s a bonus product that comes with every purchase. You’ll get a free non slip sticky dashboard mat where you can place your smartphone and other small items with a secure grip. Taking into account the two-piece design that allows easy adjustment with the windshield dimension, the EzyShade windshield sunshade is our top bet for the best universal fit car front window sunshades.

  • Reduces the interior temperature of the car by 82% and with 99% UV protection
  • Size chart for easy reference when purchasing
  • Comes with a bonus product: a non slip sticky mat
  • Takes more time to install compared to a one-piece design
  • Careless installation and removal may scratch the dashboard

5. Magnelex Windshield Sunshade

Brand: Magnelex | Color: Silver/Black | Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car, SUV | Dimensions: 63” x 33.8” | Foldable: Yes | UV Protection: ~99% | Material: Polyester | Item Weight: 5 ounces
Magnelex Car Windshield Sunshade with Bonus Steering Wheel Cover Sun Shade. Reflective Polyester Blocks Heat and Sun. Foldable Sun Shield That Keeps Your Vehicle Cool (Large 63 x 33.8 in)
  • Ultimate Sun Protection: Experience a cooler and more comfortable atmosphere inside your vehicle on scorching summer days. Our sunshade not only...
  • Premium Quality reflective polyester material blocks heat & sun. Keeps your vehicle cool and protects against damage caused by hot sunlight.
  • Storage bag included. You can easily stash the sunshade in the storage bag or store long term.

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Magnelex windshield sunshade is made of world-class quality 210T Polyester that effectively blocks UV light and heat, protecting the dashboard against the harmful effects of sunlight while keeping the passenger cabin temperature cool. The one-piece pop-out and fold design makes installation a breeze. When it’s time to fold, you can store it inside the provided storage pouch. The front window shade has extended flaps that ensure the entire windshield is covered, and it fits well with most sedan vehicles and mid-sized SUVs. There’s also a size chart for a quick reference. The bonus item is another good and unique offer. While others are offering sticky mats, every Magnelex windshield sunshade comes with a free steering wheel cover. This comes in consideration of the strong 210T Polyester materials that give the shade the durability with flaps that allows a full windshield coverage. This led us to conclude that the Magnelex windshield sunshade is the best car windshield cover for small cars.

  • With corner flaps to provide better windshield coverage
  • It folds up great, and it doesn’t sag
  • With free steering wheel cover
  • The sizing chart may vary with the actual dimensions
  • Good only for sedans and compact SUVs

6. Shinematix Two-Piece Windshield Sunshade

Brand: SHINEMATIX | Color: Silver/Black | Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car, Truck | Dimensions: 28” x 31” | Foldable: Yes | UV Protection: 99% | Material: Polyester | Item Weight: 6.4 ounces
SHINEMATIX 2-Piece Windshield Sunshade - Foldable Car Front Window Sun Shades For Most Sedans SUV Truck - Best 210T Reflective Material Blocks 99% UV Rays and Keeps Your Vehicle Cool (Standard/Medium)
  • ★ Blocks excessive hot sun & heat: Extreme heat from UV rays over a period of time, can cause harm to your vehicles interior, leather seats,...
  • ★ Inventive 2-piece design: Shinematix sunshades are two identical, rectangular shades measuring 28 x 31 inches or 71 x 79 cm. They fully...
  • ★ Superior-quality, great look: Our two-piece windshield sunshades have advanced quality and are made from a UV, high density reflective...

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Shinematix two-piece windshield sunshade is made of strong high-density reflective materials with a heat reduction technology that keeps the interior temperature low and at a comfortable level. By blocking up to 99% UV rays, your dashboard is safe from cracks and fades. The two-shade design effectively deflects sunlight on the silver reflective side, while keeping the cabin temperature down on the black side. There’s also a free microfiber cleaning cloth that comes with every Shinematix two-piece windshield sunshade purchase. The foldable, compact and collapsible design makes it easy to install and remove the car window blackout shades, and you have a choice for either horizontal or vertical placements. This gives the Shinematix windshield sunshade the advantage to make it our choice for the best collapsible car windshield cover.

  • Blocks 99% UV rays and heat
  • Made of strong high-density reflective materials
  • With free microfiber cleaning cloth
  • With pliant wires that could be hazardous for kids
  • Thin materials make it prone to tearing

How to Pick the Best Car Window Shades

When shopping for car window shades, there are a few things worth checking so that your purchased product won’t disappoint you. While cost will always remain a factor, there are other variables worth your attention for ultimate buying satisfaction.


One of the major factors is the compatibility of the sunshade with your car. An oversized sun cover will make it hard and very inconvenient to install, while a smaller one will result in plenty of spaces for the specks of sunlight to pass through, defeating the purpose of the cover. So, make sure that the one you are buying has an exact fit with your car. Some products are offering a free size chart for easy and quick reference of the sunshade size with the specific vehicle make and model.


It’s easy to fall into the price war traps by going for the cheaper ones. However, that doesn’t guarantee you will have the best one around. You must also factor in the quality to ensure a more durable product that lasts for years. A cheap windshield cover with inferior quality will result in more frequent replacements, making it more expensive in the long-term perspective. Likewise, the most expensive sunshade is not always the best. So, choose wisely without regard to price. The budget should only serve as a guide. If you can stretch the budget more for a better product, by all means, go for it.

Types and Style

The most overwhelming part when shopping for car sun window shades is looking at the different types. There are various styles in design. Some are collapsible, others are retractable, and there are roll-up custom-fit window shades. Other types are steel ring shades, accordion window covers, and umbrella types. It all depends on your styling preferences, intended use, and convenience during the installation. Some products are back-window car sunshades, car window blackout shades, and car front-window sunshades, while others are car rear-window sunshades. There are also the best car window shades for babies. Some window covers are meant to reinforce the car window tint shades. While the window tint shades for your car can help, they cannot block more than 99% of UV light as car window shades do.

Desired Results

There can only be two things when it comes to desired results. You can either go for full or partial window coverage. The design comes into play when it comes to coverage. Some designs are meant for partial coverage to minimize the effects of sunlight. Others have a full-coverage design or blackout car window shades to ensure optimum protection. A speck of sunlight getting through will make a big difference in the temperature rise inside the cabin, not to mention the crack and the fading effects on the dashboard and the leather seats.

Some factors may be insignificant at all for others, but there are critical variables you need to deal with, such as your preferred coverage and intended use. If there’s a baby around, you may have to buy car window shades for babies on top of the car front-window sunshades for the best coverage and maximum protection. Overall, we have a recommended choice for the best car window shades in our review.

Best Selling Car Window Shades

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