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When I was a teenager, I got the sudden urge to join my grandfather under the hood of his car. I spent the summer of ‘69 mostly staring at heat exchangers, spark plugs and oil filters. And to this day, those times are some of my favorite memories. Ever since, my obsession with cars has been growing. One day, I decided I couldn’t keep it all to myself and wanted to help educate people about the many mysteries of automobiles. 

Scott from CarWindshields.info

My name is Scott and I’ve been working on automobiles for the past 42 years, so you can be sure that I am speaking from first-hand experience and years of learning. While I do not claim that I know everything, my experience gives me the confidence and pleasure to talk about cars.

I have created CarWindshields back in 2007 to offer actionable information on how to repair common issues people might encounter with their vehicle windshield, such as repairing cracks, choosing and replacing wiper blades and so on. 

On this website, I will dive deep into reviews, know hows and will do comparisons so my readers can pick the best products that are suited for the needs of their cars, or to decide on the best solution they need to get their problems fixed. The focus of this website will mainly be on windshields and everything connected to them (hence the name), but in the future I might explore other topics as well. Because, let’s be honest – if it has a motor, I probably have something to say about it!

And if you think that windshields are plain and boring, with nothing new out there you can learn about them, take a look at this video:

Pretty neat, huh? There is plenty more to explore, so rev up your engines, and start cruising the website for all the useful information stored on here. 

If you still aren’t sold, here’s another video about windshield repair, which happens to be one of my favorites: 

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