How to Fix a Windshield on a Mustang

Classic Ford Mustang

Whether cracked, chipped or busted, a damaged windshield can be dangerous in several different ways. If you have comprehensive insurance, you can have someone come to your home or workplace to replace the glass. However, if you don’t have a comprehensive policy, or don’t want to pay a deductible, are you out of luck?

Not at all! Here are some tips and tricks to help you fix or replace a windshield on your Mustang. 

Assess the Damage

Your first step will be to take a close look at your Mustang windshield to assess the damage. Small rocks and storm debris can cause damage from barely noticeable chips to deep fissures. 

You can often repair chips smaller than an inch and cracks less than 12 inches long with DIY kits you can find at your local auto parts store. With both types of damage, they can’t near the edge of the windshield, and repairs will only work if just the top layer of the glass is damaged. 

Repairing Small Chips and Cracks

If your cracks or chips meet the criteria above, repair might be a possibility. Most DIY windshield repair kits use a one-part adhesive applied through a syringe and applicator. You use the syringe to draw a vacuum over the crack or chip, allowing the adhesive to trickle down into all the nooks and crannies. 

Once you fill the crack or chip, allow the adhesive to cure completely before trimming off any excess. When done right, the damage should be nearly invisible. The adhesive dries clear and will have the same refractive index as the glass, so it shouldn’t interfere with your line of sight.

How to Replace a Mustang Windshield

Classic White Ford Mustang Street

You may have to opt for a total replacement if you can’t fix your Mustang’s windshield. Luckily, this process is easier than you might think. Plus, repair costs are fairly low. On average, Mustang owners will pay less than $1,000 a year for maintenance, depending on how old your car is. You will need to pick up a few things before you get started, such as a cold knife, some suction-cup window holders and a new gasket and urethane sealant. 

Start by removing everything attached to your existing windshield, from the wipers to the rearview mirror. Next, cut the urethane seal with your cold knife. This step will allow you to lift out the old windshield. Before installing the new one, remove any old urethane and clean the area where the new windshield will go. Then, put down a coating of urethane primer, and run a bead of urethane sealant around the edge of the seat. 

All that’s left to do now is install the new windshield — make sure you’re using the window holders and handling the glass carefully — and let the urethane sealant cure. After, you can remove any excess, reinstall your hardware and replace the rubber gasket. 

That’s all there is to it. It might take you a couple of hours if you’re inexperienced. Yet with a bit of elbow grease and some patience, replacing a Mustang windshield is a piece of cake. 

OEM vs. Aftermarket

Anyone who has ever tried to have a windshield replaced on a Mustang is probably familiar with the age-old argument — OEM or aftermarket? Getting a genuine OEM windshield for your Mustang could cost you a pretty penny. If you can live without the Mustang logo printed across the top of the glass, would choosing aftermarket glass be a good option?

Aftermarket glass has pros and cons. It might be less expensive and will meet or exceed the Department of Transportation’s safety standards. Beyond that, however, there are no quality standards in the aftermarket glass industry, so you may find yourself with a sub-par product. Some newer models may require OEM glass replacements because many of their driver assistance features won’t work with aftermarket glass. 

Seeing Clearly Again

You don’t need to go through the hassle of dealing with dealerships or insurance companies for a crack in your windshield. Repair the cracks or chips if they’re small enough. If not, replace it yourself. It’s an easy afternoon project that can save you a lot of money while making your Mustang safer to drive.

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