Top Ways You Can Clean Your Car Windshield

Whether you are a new car owner or have owned many cars in the past, you probably know how hard it is to get the inside of your car windshield clean. Sometimes, it seems to get dirty for no reason to make matters worse. Use this simple guide to ensure your car windshield is never dirty again.

Dirty Car Back Window Saying Wash Me

Why Does the Inside of My Car Windshield Get Dirty?

Since the inside of your car windshield is not exposed like the outside, you might be wondering how it gets too dirty. If you drive with the windows down, it’s easy for the car to get dirty on the inside as dust and dirt can come inside and gather on the windows. However, the windshield can still get dirty even if you always keep the windows closed.

Sometimes the air that gets inside the car’s air vents and in the defroster vents can become contaminated. They might be even dirtier if you do not change the air filters inside the car as much as you should. The defroster vents can blow out oil, moisture, and even cigarette smoke into the vehicle.

Cleaning your windshield is important because you will not see the road and your surroundings correctly when the window is too dirty. When it’s cold outside, you will also know that moisture and dirt collect easier and make the windshield very dirty. It can also become dirtier if you don’t clean it correctly or if you clean it too much or not enough.

How to Clean the Inside of a Car Windshield?

Now that you know why your windshield gets dirty and why you need to keep it clean, it’s essential to understand how to clean the windshield properly. Without the proper technique, you might just smear around the dirt and make the window look worse.

Gathering the Materials

Before cleaning, the first thing to do is make sure you have all the suitable materials. You need to have a good bug remover spray as this will get all the stuck bugs off. You also need a mesh sponge, glass cleaner, paper towels, a microfiber cloth, and clean water. Make sure you have all these things ready and lined up before moving into the next step. You can also add rubbing alcohol into the mix if your window is filthy.

Use Bug Spray

Blue Can of Bug Spray

The first thing you need to do is use bug spray. Spray it on the windshield in a thin and even layer. Since you are working on the inside of the car, you don’t have to use it too much as you don’t want it to get sticky or be hard to rinse off.

The spray will soften the bugs and make it much easier for them to come off. This makes it much easier to remove because you won’t have to spend the whole afternoon scrubbing and working. Just make sure you use enough of the spray that it can coat the bugs and make them less sticky.

For the interior car, it’s often better to just spot spray the bugs rather than spraying the entire windshield. This will ensure you don’t use too much and that it doesn’t become too soapy when trying to get it off.

Keep in mind not everyone needs to use bug spray on the inside of their car. It depends on whether you drive with the windows down or not. Driving down the windows is an easy way for the bugs to get inside and then die and get stuck to the windshield. So if you don’t need to use bug sprays, you can skip this stick and the new few ones below.

Let the Remover Soak

Once you have the remover on the window, let it soak for about 10 minutes. If you don’t let it soak, the bugs might still be on the window, making it harder to remove. 10 minutes is usually enough, but some bug sprays might recommend you wait longer. Always read the guidelines just to make sure.

Scrub the Windshield with the Mesh Sponge Pad

Now it’s time to put your mesh sponge pad to work. If the bug remover works, you wouldn’t need to scrub too hard, and you can apply light pressure to loosen and remove all the bugs. The mesh is also great because it’s not hard enough to damage the glass, even if you scrub hard. Ensure you are wiping all areas of the windshield, including the corners.

Bugs can hide in all the corners and edges, so make sure you clean every part. Even if you don’t have bugs, you can still use the mesh sponge to make sure you are getting rid of small particles of dirt and grime that can become stuck.

The mesh sponge will work better at getting rid of the stuck particles than the microfiber cloth. The cloth is more for cleaning and not scrubbing.

Rinse with Water

Person Removing Water From Windshield

If you use bug spray, you would always need to rinse with cold water before moving on to the next step. Since you are inside the car though, you cannot use a hose. You will need to just use a spray bottle and maybe some mild soap to remove the bug spray residue. If you spot sprayed, this should be an easy step because you just need to rinse the areas that have the bug spray on them.

Wipe with the Microfiber Cloth

Now that you have the bugs removed and most of the dirt, you can use the microfiber cloth. This will remove any dirt that may be left on the window. Make sure to wipe gently and in even motions.

Use the Rubbing Alcohol

Use another clean cloth and put some rubbing alcohol on it. This will help to remove grease and oil from the window. It will also help to remove any leftover bug spray residue.

Use Glass Cleaner

Spray the glass cleaner on the other side of the cloth that is still clean. Wipe the glass in a circular motion. Make sure you are using a quality glass cleaner and one that is advertised as streak-free. This will ensure you are not getting a windshield full of streaks and marks.

Dry the Glass

If you leave any glass cleaner on the windshield, it will dry and leave residue and marks. Make sure you dry it with paper towels so the window stays clean and pretty.

Tips and Tricks

Remember cleaning the inside of the car is not the same as the outside. You don’t want any of the liquids or sprays to drip. It’s better to spot spray when using the bug spray or special dirt remover spray.

You should also spray the water and the glass cleaner onto a cloth rather than onto the window directly. If you spray the window, make sure you don’t use too much and ensure it does not drop down onto the car parts and vents.

You can also make your DIY spray if you don’t want to spend money at the store. You can make this with water, dishwashing liquid, and vinegar. Mix it into a spray bottle. You only need a teaspoon of dishwashing soap and a few drops of vinegar. Using more can cause streaking and problems.


Cleaning the inside of your windshield is just as important as cleaning the outside because you want to be sure you can see the road clearly. If you don’t clean it often, it will be harder and harder to clean as time goes on. So often clean for the best results and use the above tips and tricks.