Everything You Need to Know About Limo Tint

If you own a limo or a limo company, you may be considering tinting your windows. Tinting your limo windows can add many benefits to your car, but many states have strict regulations concerning window tinting, so it’s important that you do your research.

This guide to all things limo tint will answer some frequently asked questions about limo tint, including what it is, what the benefits are, and what should be considered when shopping for limo tint. We’ll also discuss the legal elephant in the room and look at what affects the legality of limo tint.

What is “Limousine Tint”?

Before we answer any other questions about it, you may be wondering—what is limo tint? If you’ve ever driven past a limousine, you probably noticed how dark the back windows are. Limousine companies purposely make the windows on their limo rentals extremely dark to preserve the privacy of the people inside. Passengers can still see outside their windows, but passersby and people in other vehicles cannot see into the car. Additionally, tinting also keeps the inside of the car cool.

So how dark is limo tint? Limo tint is designed to block out 95% of visible light and only allow 5% light into the window, referred to as 5% VLT. VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission, and it describes the percentage of light waves able to pass through a tinted window. The lower the VLT percentage, the less light can pass through and the darker the window tinting. 5% is often the lowest VLT percentage allowed, though 3% VLT tinting does exist.

Benefits of Tinting Your Limo

There are many benefits to tinting your limo. One of the biggest ones is UV protection. Many people don’t know that sunlight can damage your skin even inside of a car. If you don’t care to put sunscreen on every bit of exposed skin every day, you’ll be happy to know that limo window tinting blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays. And since UV rays can also damage the interior surfaces of the car, getting limo tinting will keep the inside of your car from fading or cracking.

With fewer UV rays and less sun, the inside of your car will be cooler, letting passengers ride around in comfort without the need to keep the air conditioning blasting. That means better gas mileage, which means money in the bank!

Limo tinting makes it harder for people to see inside the car. With limo tinting, your passengers don’t have to worry about people being able to see them and what they’re doing. It also makes it harder for people to see valuables inside the limo, giving you and your passengers peace of mind when keeping expensive belongings in the limo.

Lastly, limo tinting simply makes your limo look more professional, more stylish, and sleeker, giving it a better overall look. That means more customers booking with your company over others that don’t have limos with proper window tinting. It’s a great way to increase the value of your service and bring in customers.

Can You See Through Limo Tint?

There are different shades of limo tint. Though most block out 95% of light, there are some that only block out 70%. When done properly with a reputable tinting company, you should be able to see clearly out of the windows. Window tinting, including the darkest limo tint, should not reduce the visibility of the road. However, when getting your windows tinted, you can ask to see samples so you can choose which one you prefer and decide whether the limo black tint is too dark.

In terms of seeing through the window tint from the outside, this should be impossible unless a person is close to the windows and peering directly into them. This applies to all tinting that is 70% and above.

What to Consider Before Tinting My Limo?

Before starting any tinting on your limo, there are some things you should keep in mind.


The total cost of your limo tinting can vary depending on a number of factors, and it is recommended that you go to the tinting shop with your limo to get an accurate quote.

The number of windows on your is the main factor when it comes to determining window tinting cost. The type of window tint is also a consideration—ceramic limo tint will be considerably more expensive than dyed film. Logistical concerns might also affect the cost. For example, if the company has to remove old tinting before applying new limo tint, you will pay more for the extra labor.


As an added bonus to other features, window tint film actually holds window glass together in the event that you get into an accident or something hits the windshield. While it won’t stop the glass from breaking, it can stop it from shattering and harming your passengers.

Pros / Cons

Some pros of window tinting include increasing privacy for your passengers, better security for items left in the vehicle, protection from UV rays and glare from the sunlight, as well as the aforementioned safety benefit of glass not shattering. As the driver, you’ll also have an easier time attracting customers (and potentially even be able to charge higher prices).

As for cons, the main one is expense—if you have several windows that need tinting, be prepared to dish out a large sum of money to get it done.

The Right Shade

Most limo drivers usually go with the darkest shade legal in their state or country. This is because darker shades have a sleek look and offer more privacy, which can be a big consideration for passengers. Many limousine companies drive celebrities that don’t want to be spotted by the public or paparazzi. Limo companies are also regularly hired for funerals when family members want to be able to mourn and be with family in private.

Tint Laws & Regulations

It’s not unusual to hear people ask, “is limo tint legal?” The answer is complicated, as each state and country has different window tint laws in place, and this includes limo tint. In fact, limo tint is particularly regulated because it’s the darkest available window tint on the market. So let’s look at some state-specific tinting regulations.

For example, in Arizona, there are no limitations on how dark you can tint the back windows on your vehicle. However, it is required that you have dual side mirrors to help you see the road if your windows have 5% VLT. And despite the legality, Arizona police officers may still issue you a ticket if you cause an accident and it is determined that the tinting obstructed your view or distracted you from driving.

On the other hand, Minnesota allows 50% VLT tint on all car windows except for the windshield, where any level of tinting at all is illegal. Speaking of windshields, in all states throughout the US, the allowable windshield tint is considerably lighter than that of the rear windows. There are no states that allow 5% VLT tint on the front windows or the windshield. Most states require the driver and front passenger windows to let in at least 50% of light, but allow 35% VLT tint for the back seats and the back windows.

Remember—if you don’t follow the laws and regulations in your state, you risk getting a serious ticket with an even more serious fine attached. You then have to pay to get the window tinting off the limo and possibly even new tinting put on.

So while you may be tempted to go for the darkest possible shade without checking your local laws, the risks of getting it wrong are too high. Remind yourself that getting caught with an illegal tint can ruin your business and your driving record. And if you do have windows that are tinted beyond the allowed percentage, you’re likely to get caught, as police officers may take overly tinted windows as a signal of wrong-doing.

If you’re starting to get concerned about tinting your windows, please don’t worry too much. If you go through a reputable tinting company, they will only ever tint your windows to a percentage that’s allowable within the laws for the state. However, less reputable companies might try to sell you an illegal tint, so it’s always important to research your tinting shop and your local state tinting laws.


Limo tinting is a great way to add privacy and comfort to your limo, making passengers feel protected and secure and providing them with a better experience. If you do decide to make the upgrade, however, make sure to have a professional install any tints on your limo. A reputable professional will know the laws for window tint where you live and will be able to do a quality job that is compliant with local regulations.

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