Can You Have Your Car Mirrors Tinted? All You Need to Know About Mirror Tint

Mirror tint for cars can be a great way to reduce glare while driving, but the legal requirements involved can be complicated. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the legality of using mirror window film on your side mirrors, why you may want to do so, and some safety considerations. We’ll also provide a few suggestions for mirror tint film should you decide that it’s for you!

Can You Have Mirror Tint on Your Car?

While there are restrictions in every state that tells the driver how dark they can tint their windows, the degree to which mirror tinting is allowed is usually more ambiguous. What’s good to know is that the process of mirror tinting is definitely not illegal. In fact, it may not even necessarily need to be done aftermarket, as some cars nowadays come equipped with color anti-glare coating on the side mirrors, the most common of which being blue side mirror tint.

Most states allow some degree of tinting on some or all of the windows of a car. That being said, since every state has different rules about using both the shade and the color that tinting is allowed to be, the availability of specific tints might be its own issue when looking into mirror tint for your car. For example, in multiple states including Virginia, red, amber, and yellow window tint are all prohibited. Washington tinting laws take it a step further, adding green and black to the list. Depending on your state of residence, getting your mirrors tinted might be trickier for this reason.

Many states also have strict rules requiring dual side mirrors if you have back tinted windows. So if you already have or are planning to get tinting on your windows, adding side mirror tint may be frowned upon if it’s deemed to interfere with your side mirror visibility.

Ultimately, each state’s rules are different, so you should make sure to research your state before adding tint to any part of your car, including your mirrors. If you’re not applying your own tint, or even if you are, we’d suggest asking for help at your local tinting shop. They should be able to explain the local regulations to you, so you can be sure that your tinting doesn’t put you on the wrong side of the law.

If you’re traveling through a state where your tint level does not meet regulations, the police will usually not leave you alone if they see that your license plate is registered to a different state. If you do happen to get pulled over, make sure you know the rules of your own state if asked. If you move to a new state and register your car there, you will need to follow the regulations of your new state. Unfortunately, this may mean removing the old tint from your car, including your mirrors.

Reasons for Mirror Tinting

There are several reasons why you might choose to tint your mirrors.

The most common reason, of course, is for tint film’s anti-glare properties. Tinted mirrors, especially blue and yellow-tinted mirrors, help reduce the glare of headlights from other drivers, which can be a huge problem when driving at night.

Another benefit is that tinting film can be used to rainproof your mirrors. The nanotechnology in mirror tinting film creates a hydrophobic surface. Water droplets that land on the mirror bead and roll off immediately, preventing condensation and keeping the mirror clear, so you retain full viability even when driving in the rain.

The hydrophobic properties of mirror tinting also help with visibility in other dangerous weather conditions, including misty and foggy conditions. Since foggy mirrors are caused by condensation on wet or humid days, the hydrophobic surface of the mirror handily prevents the buildup of water that makes it harder for you to see through your side rear-view mirrors on foggy or wet days.

One additional benefit is that, like with window tint, the film used to shade the mirror will keep the glass from shattering in all directions if something accidentally breaks it. This makes the mirrors much safer to replace if they are broken.

Can Tinting Your Mirror be Dangerous?

While many people get mirror tinting specifically to prevent being distracted by glare, some may wonder if tinting itself can also be dangerous. While we’ve covered the potential benefits of tinting your mirrors, it’s also a good idea to be aware of potential problems that can occur.

Like with window tinting, getting too dark a shade of side mirror tint can reduce visibility, especially when you’re driving in dark areas at night. Since reducing glare works by reducing the amount of light refracted into your eyes by the mirror, when there is already too little light the film may instead prevent any light from reaching your eyes.

Of course, using your rearview and side mirrors is an essential part of driving, allowing you to keep track of your surroundings and react to what is happening around, behind, and besides you. If you’re distracted and struggling to see, there can be all sorts of consequences, from not noticing obstacles as you move between lanes to braking too suddenly to not noticing a police officer trying to pull you over. These can be embarrassing, dangerous, and costly mistakes to make.

If you’re considering mirror tinting for your vehicle, it is your job to make sure that it aids your visibility rather than obstructing your view and making your driving more dangerous. The easiest way to do this is to not go too dramatic with the tinting—start with a slight amount of shading and see whether it solves the problem. Luckily, following local regulations should help make sure that your mirror tint is a shade that is considered safe.

And if you’re going to be applying the mirror tint yourself, be very careful with your measurements and make sure you apply it correctly. Otherwise, it may not be able to reduce the glare effectively and may even harm visibility. Luckily, most kits sold on Amazon and from tinting companies are easy to use and easy to apply.

Recommended Mirror Tints

1. Rearview Mirror Film Rainproof/Waterproof

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If you’re looking for a tint or film for your side mirrors, this kit is a quality and cost-effective choice. It comes with eight pieces of tinting film in different sizes and shapes, which are easy to apply to your rear-view mirrors. You can also easily cut down any of the films into a custom shape if the precut sizes do not work for you.

In addition to their anti-glare properties, the films are made with hydrophobic nano-coating that prevents any condensation from sticking to your mirrors. This means improved visibility during rainy, foggy, and dewy conditions. Before applying the film, make sure to use the included wipes to thoroughly clean your windows, as the tint film must be attached to a clean mirror surface.

2. Anti Glare Panoramic Rear View Mirror – Clip On – Blue Tint

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This blue tint panoramic mirror is an easy-to-install clip-on replacement for your current rear-view mirror. With its expanded panoramic view, it helps to greatly shrink the size of your blind spots and reduces the amount of turning your head and body you’ll need to do when reversing or trying to look at someone in the back seat.

The blue anti-glare coating keeps headlights and other road lights from shining in your eyes and distracting you, all without distorting the image or compromising your visibility.

The mirror also has a lifetime warranty. Not only will they replace damaged mirrors for free, but you can also always return your mirror if you don’t like the quality or aren’t happy with it for any other reason.


If you drive at night a lot or live in a place with a lot of rain or fog, you’re no stranger to all of the ways that your side mirrors can fail you at the worst times. Mirror tinting is a handy way to reduce glare and condensation on your side mirrors and makes a great addition to any car. Just remember, the legality of tinting your mirrors may vary depending on where you live, so if you’re considering it, make sure to check your local laws carefully! One last thing – don’t forget that mirror tinting laws and regulations are different from window tinting laws. Make sure you are familiar with both before deciding to tint your mirrors or windshields.

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