Rain X Windshield Repair Kit Review

A windshield crack doesn’t necessarily have to be a sign for an impending total windshield replacement. There is a quick fix to avoid the costly replacement that car owners can opt for at a fraction of the cost. All it takes is a little time, effort, and a windshield repair kit to fix the problem. A windshield glass repair kit is not a rare find as there are abundant products in the marketplace, offering the best solution to various windshield crack related issues. Rain-X is one of the top brands that car owners think of when dealing with cracked windshields, and if you’re not up to date then this comprehensive Rain X windshield repair kit review should help erase most doubts. But before we get into the review, it’s important to know if and when you need a windshield crack repair kit.

Signs You Need a Windshield Glass Repair Kit or a Replacement

For an effective management of a crack, the first step is to assess the damage to the glass. Proper evaluation is the key for determining if you can do away with a cracked glass repair kit or are in need of a total windshield replacement. This evaluation could help you avoid huge costs that are usually required for total glass replacement procedures. Likewise, you can also minimize costs by avoiding purchasing cracked windshield repair kits that no longer work because of the severity of the damage.

A quick damage assessment should not take more than a minute or two. By following a few easy steps, you can decide on the best solution for your cracked windshield,without getting help from a professional glass expert.

Crack Size

A major determining factor is the size of the crack on your windshield. A small crack will always tell you that you only need a repair kit and not a total glass replacement. But how small is small? There’s a limit to the size of the crack. Anything below 1.25 inches would be good news to car owners, since these cracks are repairable with DIY windshield repair kits.

But cracks of more than an inch and a quarter inch is bad news, because this indicates an impending expensive replacement of the windshield. While the kits can prevent the further spread of the crack, it’s only a matter of time before the replacement becomes a must for the safety of the passengers.

Thus, a quick glance and a near accurate estimate of the size can almost always tell you if you need a kit or a replacement. If the size is small and less than an inch, it may be good news because you only need a repair kit, but don’t celebrate just yet. There are other critical factors that can still lead to a windshield replacement, even if a windshield glass repair kit can fix the crack.

Crack Location

The crack size does not always guarantee that you can fix the damage with a chip repair kit. The location of the crack is another important factor that can erase all hopes for repairs. Crack on the edges of the windshield, or edge cracks, are beyond repair no matter the size. Even if it is small and less than one inch, it will only be a matter of time the crack will quickly grow in size, as it spreads out under constant stress and wind load.

Aside from edge cracks, another crack location that requires a total windshield replacement is if it is in the driver’s line of sight. No matter how small, these cracks will blur the driver’s vision, causing a hazardous distraction. Line-of-sight cracks are not only safety hazards, but it can also cost you a ticket from the highway patrol.

Driving Condition

Driving conditions, such as the weather among others, must also be taken into consideration as these factors can greatly affect the integrity of the windshield. If you live in colder regions that receive heavy snow, minor cracks can serve as weak points for the glass to break under a heavy snow load.

Likewise, off-road vehicles with cracked windshields should consider replacement due to the rough terrain. Constant exposure to the rough road, vibration, and impact can cause minute cracks to spread quickly.

Rain X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit Review

MANUFACTURER: Rain-X | BRAND: Rain-X | ITEM WEIGHT: 2.4 ounces | | DIMENSIONS: 1 x 4.38 x 8.56 inches | PRODUCT TYPE: Advanced Resin Formula | BOX CONTENTS: 1 bottle of 1 gram resin, 1 automotive glass chip repair device, 1 sleeved razor blade, curing strip, and an instruction sheet.

About the Manufacturer

Rain-X is a leading company in automotive aftermarket care, with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Founded in 1972, it has garnered the trust of millions of customers around the world. Owned by ITW Global Brands, Rain-X has multiple aftermarket car care products in its portfolio, which include headlight restoration kits, bugs, and tar removers, wiper blades, car waxes, vehicle wash products, and glass cleaners.

The Technology

Rain-X uses a highly advanced Original Glass Treatment water beading technology for its glass cleaners and wiper blades. This technology helped create world-class products that pushed Rain-X to lead the pack in the automotive aftermarket glass care industry while helping car owners outsmart the elements.

For its windshield repair kits, Rain-X uses an advanced resin formula to fill the cracks and chips. The repair tools that come with each kit are expertly designed for effective delivery of the liquid resin to the broken areas of the glass that require filling and sealing in an airtight space while avoiding bubble formation.

  • Minimizes the appearance of cracks and chips on the windshield
  • Cracks are no longer visible at a 45-degree angle
  • It comes with repair tools for bullseyes, chips, and star cracks
  • Easy-to-follow repair procedures that any car driver can perform
  • Works on any laminated glass
  • Advisable only for cracks less than 12 inches in length
  • Works only on chips, bullseye, and star cracks that are less than an inch in diameter
Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit - Quick And Easy Durable Resin Based Kit for Chips and Cracks, Good For Round Damage Below 1" In Diameter And Cracks Smaller Than 12" In Length, BLUE,YELLOW
  • Stops The Spread of Chips and Cracks - Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit Helps You Minimize The Appearance And Stop The Spread Of Chips And Cracks In...
  • Easy To Use - Everything You Need Is Included, Takes Only Minutes With Minimal Steps. For Cracks Simply Apply Resin To Crack Then Curing Strips,...
  • Durable Resin Formula - Use Durable Resin To Make Windshields Stronger Than Before, Repairing All Types Of Laminated Windshields Up To First...

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How to Use Rain X Windshield Repair Kit

Every Rain-X windshield repair kit includes a detailed illustrative instruction sheet to make it easier to follow the repair process. There are a specific set of steps for repairing cracks, and another set of steps for bullseyes, stars, and chips. 

Crack repair is easier as it only requires three steps and a few tools. But for stars, chips, and bullseyes, it requires more time as there are more steps that need to be followed – a total of seven. You will also need more tools, such as a repair device that includes a resin chamber, a center ring, and a screw pressure driver. But worry not, everything you need will already be inside the kit.

Regardless of the type of glass damage, the first step of any repair is to clean the area and remove the dirt and minute debris using a razor blade provided in the kit. The presence of dirt can greatly affect the output, which some mistake for a fault of the product. Thus, cleaning the broken area of any contaminant is a critical step to achieve best results. Once the broken area is clean, you can proceed to the core process of the repair. Below is a quick summary of each step.

Steps for Crack Repair using Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit

  1. Apply Rain-X resin to the crack
  2. Apply curing strips around the repair zone
  3. Move the vehicle to a place under direct sunlight to allow the resin to cure and then scrape off any excess resin afterward

Steps for Star Cracks, Bullseyes, and Chips Repair

  1. Position the applicator base to the crack area and ensure the center is precisely over the impact point
  2. Screw the provided resin chamber into the center ring
  3. Squeeze Rain X resin into the chamber
  4. Screw the pressure driver into the Rain-X resin chamber
  5. Remove the pressure driver to release trapped air and re-insert to displace any remaining air until no bubbles remain in the break
  6. Remove the apparatus and apply the curing strips
  7. Move the car to a place under direct sunlight and allow the resin to cure for about 10 minutes
  8. Remove excess resin using a razor blade

Looking at the above steps, it is clear that repairing a crack using the Rain-X 600001 windshield repair kit is quick and easy. It doesn’t require a professional to perform the tasks. While the procedures for bullseye and chips repair are more complex, you have everything you need inside the kit. All you have to do is follow the instruction manual or watch a demo video for a more accurate guidance.

To achieve the best result, you have to observe the proper curing time to allow the resin to cure and toughen. When applying the resin to a crack, do it slowly to avoid air pockets. You have to repeat certain steps until no more air pockets remain in the break. These things are essential since they can significantly affect the quality of the repair.

Where to Buy Rain X Windshield Repair Kit

You will face no problem finding the Rain X windshield repair kits because they are available on almost all major shopping outlets like Amazon and Walmart. Some hardware and aftermarket automotive shops also carry Rain-X cracked windshield repair kits in their brick-and-mortar stores.For the sake of convenience, you can also shop the products at the official store of Rain X on Amazon. 

Rain X Windshield Repair Kit Recommendation

Rain-X brand has already cemented its name in the aftermarket automotive glass care industry. Their four decades of providing services is an indication of its expertise in the field. It is not just any company that popped out of nowhere with a sudden rise of demand for automotive glass repair kits. So, there is no question about the brand in terms of trust and credibility, since Rain-X can deliver.

The advanced resin formula Rain-X uses for windshield repairs does exactly as advertised, it minimizes the appearances of chips and cracks and prevents cracks from spreading further. Repaired cracks will vanish at a 45-degree angle. Quality-wise, Rain-X has the technology to provide the best output and sound quality windshield crack repair. 

The simplicity of the application repair process is another strength. The expertly-designed repair apparatus is critical for proper and accurate delivery of the advanced resin formula, ensuring every gap and air space in the broken glass is filled in an airtight space to avoid any trace of an air pocket. The apparatus further helps separate Rain X from the other windshield repair brands. It is devoid of complexity and allows anyone within the driving age to perform the simple steps for repairing cracked windshields.

Taking into account the brand, the technology, and the repair process, this Rain X windshield repair kit review concludes with a high recommendation. It provides good solutions to various windshield crack issues, such as star cracks, bullseyes, chips, and cracks of no more than 12 inches in length. Just make sure to follow the steps and keep in mind when to use a rock chip repair kit, and you are good to go.

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