BMW X5 Windshield Replacement Cost

Currently in its “Fourth Generation” phase, with average yearly sales of over 50,000 units, the BMW X5 is one of the most popular luxury crossover cars in the US. The brand has been pushing luxury to new heights since the late ‘90s while offering stability and agility. Now, the BMW X5 might be fancy, extravagant, and majestic, even; however, that doesn’t mean that the windshield is 100% impenetrable. 

The windshield and window glass of your X5 are, in fact, an integral part of the car’s performance and safety. Needless to say, technologies like the X5’s Top View 360-degree camera and additional driver assistance systems depend entirely on the proper installation of the auto glass. Accurate recalibration of the components is also something an auto mechanic must do with extreme precision. With all that in mind, we’re here to discuss how much it’s actually going to cost to replace the windshield of your BMW X5.

I understand how stressful it might be to deal with unexpected damage, especially when debris or a random rock is at fault. To help you prepare your budget and inform you of the factors you have to consider when it comes to windshield replacement costs, I did a little research. I actually called auto repair shops in several different locations to request a quote and compare prices.

My findings, along with average costs and factors to take into consideration, are right here for your convenience. 

Windshield Replacement Cost – Factors

The windshield replacement cost of the BMW X5 is dependent on various factors. It may cost you from $350 to over $1500, and the price gradually increases for newer generations. This is mainly because of the HUD display present in more recent generations of X5s. Some factors that may affect your X5 windshield replacement cost are briefly discussed below:

  • BMW X5 Model Year: As BMW manufactures newer generations of X5 models, new luxury options and technological features are also added. This increases the overall cost of the vehicle and the maintenance costs. Therefore, the windshield replacement cost also increases due to added new technologies like HUD, driving assists, etc.
  • Autoshop: Being a popular crossover SUV, you can get windshield replacements from many auto repair shops. It is recommended to opt for renowned auto shops as they may provide better service and quality. However, local small auto shops may have windshield replacements for your X5 at a lower price, but the quality may also be at a lower grade.
  • Location: The location of the auto repair shops affects the cost of a windshield replacement. Different states have different labor costs, and the price of the parts also varies. Generally, according to my researched data, southeastern states are cheaper for X5 windshield replacement.

Additional information about the various factors of windshield replacement cost is provided in my other article about general windshield replacement cost.

BMW X5 Windshield Replacement Cost

According to my research, the average price of a BMW X5 windshield replacement in the US is around $700. 

Before checking out auto hops for windshield replacements, you first need to know about the additional costs of installing a windshield on your X5. These additional costs vary for each vehicle and even for the same model under different production years. Some of these extra costs are due to:

  • Adhesive cost
  • Rubber buffer
  • New light and rain sensors
  • Windshield cover
  • Labor cost

So, expect an additional charge of $500 – $700 with the base replacement cost to restore your BMW X5 windshield completely.

2019 – 2021 BMW X5

From my research, the average replacement price hovers around $1,000 for the fourth and newest generation of the BMW X5. 

The cost depends on location, as expected. As shown below, an auto shop in Georgia charges a replacement cost of $1,290.70; however, you can get a much lower price in Columbia, South Carolina, for just above $700.

Athens, GAU.S. Auto Glass$1290.70
Columbia, SCFirst Choice Auto Glass$725.00

2015 – 2018 BMW X5

On average, a windshield replacement cost is around $750 for the X5s made from 2015 – 2018. 

BMW started producing their third generation X5 models after 2014, and compared to the previous generations, there are many additional luxury features. You will get a HUD display and assistant driving technologies to make your driving experience more comfortable. Thus, installing and calibrating such features increase the overall costs of a windshield replacement in third-generation X5 models.

Athens, GAUS Auto Glass $1075.65
Columbia, SCFirst Choice Auto Glass$500.98

2011 – 2012 BMW X5

The average price of a windshield replacement for the 2011 – 2012 BMW X5 models is almost the same as third generation models, at around $750.

My research indicated that the price is slightly higher in Georgia for the 2011 – 2012 X5 compared to the 2015 – 2018 models. 

Athens, GAUS Auto Glass $1460.51
Columbia, SCFirst Choice Auto Glass$468.05

2005 BMW X5

My research shows the 2005 BMW X5 has an average cost around $375 to replace the windshield. It is the last of the first generation X5 models. The windshield replacement cost is also much lower for this older production vehicle as many assistance technologies and luxury options were unavailable.

Athens, GAUS Auto Glass $362.21
Columbia, SCFirst Choice Auto Glass$395.00


The windshield replacement of a BMW X5 is associated with various other costs like HUD, Lane Departure sensor, calibration, etc. Therefore, it is almost essential to budget your money before taking your X5 to an auto shop.

In different forums and review pages, the BMW X5 is notorious for its added extra costs along with the base windshield replacement cost. Thus, in addition to my provided prices for different model years of X5s, I recommend estimating an extra $500 for any additional charges. Hopefully, this article will help you accurately assess the amount you require for a windshield replacement for your BMW X5.

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