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One of the most versatile and affordable SUVs manufactured by Subaru, is the Forester. Drivers describe it as a “perfect mixture of practicality and capability” and “one of the smoothest rides you’ll ever experience.” The rugged and off-road capable Forester is a good partner for your adventures but don’t, for a second, think that auto glass damage is 100% avoidable.

If you have suffered a rock chip, severe weather damage, or some other surprise flying debris, the wise thing to do is replace your windshield. Remember, any crack over 6″ can cause the windshield to shatter at any time, exposing you and your passengers to danger.

If it’s the first time you’re dealing with this situation, or you have no idea how much it will cost you to replace the windshield of your Subaru Forester, don’t worry, as I’m here to help you. I called real auto shops located in various parts of the US to request a replacement quote. Below you’ll see my findings, average prices, and additional factors to consider. Let’s go!

Windshield Replacement Cost – Factors

When it comes to windshield replacement costs, there are many factors that determine the final price, naturally. Numerous safety and technologically advanced features have been incorporated into the windshield in recent years. With that in mind, when replacing a windshield, the mechanic needs to calibrate the sensors, increasing the final price.

Complicated features and technological advancements are not the main reasons why the cost of windshield replacement can vary. There’s also the location factor which in many cases, as you’ll see below, is a significant price difference cause. Other essential elements that influence the price of a windshield replacement include:

  • Autoshop: Generally speaking, if you want to replace the windshield of your car at your dealership, the cost will be on the higher end of the price spectrum. However, they ensure top-quality materials and service. Local auto shops, on the other hand, charge less. So, basically, it all comes down to the business you choose to bring your car to.
  • Model Year: Based on experience, I can confirm that the older your vehicle is, the less expensive it is to replace its windshield. Newer models are upgraded with safety and driver assistance features that are located in the windshield, thus making it a little bit more complicated to replace (hence the higher price).
  • Location: The US is a large country. Don’t expect prices to be similar in each state. Based on research and experience, I can confirm that windshield replacement costs are generally lower in Western and Southern states than in Eastern states.
  • Insurance Coverage: Almost all car insurance companies provide partial or full windshield replacement insurance. If your replacement costs are over $1,000, then it is recommended not to pay with insurance as this will increase your insurance rate.

I have written a separate article on variables affecting windshield replacement costs so you can go ahead and check things in more detail there.

Subaru Forester Windshield Replacement Cost

On average, it will cost you around $450, including labor, to replace the windshield of your Subaru Forester.

I like to point out that if you own a newer model with EyeSight Driver Assistant Technology, you might have to spend an extra $300 for calibration. Let’s see what the price for different year Foresters is.

2019 – 2021 Subaru Forester

Replacing the windshield of your 2019-2021 Subaru Forester will cost you around $800, on average.

The sixth-generation Subaru Forester comes with standard EyeSight Driver Assist technology, which is why the average windshield replacement price is on the higher end. According to my research, you can replace it for around $400 in New Mexico.

In states like Alaska, however, the price goes up to over $1,300. The considerable price difference between the two states is mostly because Alaska is sparsely populated and relatively far from where goods are manufactured. Shipping is also expensive, and you probably have to wait for a while to get a brand new windshield for your 2019-2021 Subaru Forester.

Albuquerque, New MexicoAuto Glass Now $380.00
Homer, AlaskaAlaska Auto Armor$1341.00

2017 Subaru Forester

The average price for replacing the windshield of your 2017 Subaru Forester is around $700 across the US.

This fourth-generation Forester does not have the EyeSight Driver Assist technology incorporated into its windshield. So, I wasn’t surprised when the price dropped by almost $200 in states like Alaska compared to the 2019-2021 models.

Albuquerque, New MexicoAuto Glass Now $380.00
Homer, AlaskaAlaska Auto Armor$1153.27

2013 – 2014 Subaru Forester

On average, it will cost you around $650 to replace the windshield of your 2013-2014 Subaru Forester.

My research shows a substantial price drop in states like New Mexico. In Alaska, however, the price remains over $1000.

Albuquerque, New MexicoAuto Glass Now $215.00
Homer, AlaskaAlaska Auto Armor$1153.27

2010 Subaru Forester

It costs around $580, on average, to replace the windshield of your 2010 Subaru Forester. My research didn’t surprise me with the continuous drop in prices. After all, this model was released over a decade ago, and its windshield doesn’t have any precise driver assistant technologies incorporated in it.

Below are a couple of examples coming from New Mexico and Alaska.

Albuquerque, New MexicoAuto Glass Now $215.00
Homer, AlaskaAlaska Auto Armor$950.00

2002 – 2003 Subaru Forester

The average windshield replacement cost for the 2002-2003 Subaru Forester models is $340.

You will see a massive price difference in both states participating in my research. Again, I’m not surprised to see these numbers. After all, those are the first two generations of the Subaru Forester, released about 20 years ago. The installation costs are minimal because there’s no calibration, assistant technology, or cameras integrated into the windshield.

Albuquerque, New MexicoAuto Glass Now$210.00
Homer, AlaskaAlaska Auto Armor$476.43


To be on the safe side, I’d say prepare around $500 on the side for windshield replacement of your Subaru Forester. Of course, it all comes down to location and model, but that’s a good average base to have.

If you own a newer model, keep in mind that the special Eyesight feature cost is not included in any of the prices listed, so expect to pay an additional $350 to $400. Also, in states like Alaska, which I included in my research, the higher costs can be associated with extra layers of protection added to the windshield against severe weather conditions. Plus, of course, the reasons mentioned above like high shipping costs.

Nevertheless, I hope this article helped you understand the factors associated with auto glass replacement. Stay safe on the road, and don’t wait for that long to become a full-scale monster!

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