Toyota Corolla Windshield Replacement Cost

Toyota Corolla has undoubtedly been one of the most popular cars in the US. Why? Because it’s sturdy, easy to drive, and, of course, very stylish. Although the Corolla has built a loyal customer base over the years by mixing quality with competence, drivers can’t be 100% guaranteed that severe weather conditions or flying debris won’t penetrate the windshield. Trust me, I know how annoying that can be, especially when you are on a fixed monthly budget and have no idea how a broken windshield will affect it. 

To help Corolla drivers who have limited knowledge of windshield replacement prices, I conducted a little research of my own. I called auto shops in various cities across the country to ask about prices (so you don’t have to). Of course, I didn’t call every city in every state; however, I firmly believe that my choices would help you get a good picture of how much a Toyota Corolla windshield replacement will cost near you. In addition, you’ll find data that will help you estimate the price based on the year of your Honda Corolla. What other factors can impact the price? You’ll find it below.

Replacement Cost – Factors

Toyota Corolla is a popular, affordable car, however, it is not accurate to think that the windshield should also be affordable. The cost may range from $200 to over $1,00 as various factors directly affect the windshield replacement of your Corolla. Some of the important factors are

  • The model year of your Corolla: as newer models of Corolla come with better safety technology, so does the quality of the windshield. That, in turn, increases the price of a windshield replacement.
  • Location: Same with varying gas prices across the U.S., the windshield replacement costs may also vary in different states.
  • Type of Glass: Depending on the glass type, i.e., tinted, HUD display, tempered, etc., the cost may also vary.
  • Windshield Manufacturers: OEM and aftermarket windshields differ in cost, and, although OEMs may be more expensive than the aftermarket windshields of a Corolla, they are more damage-resistant.
  • Insurance: How comprehensive your insurance is for your Corolla may also affect the cost of your windshield replacement.

Toyota Corolla Windshield Replacement Cost

My research indicated that the average Toyota Corolla windshield replacement cost is around $400-$500. 

I also saw a jump in replacement prices after the model year 2010. This is due to the generational differences in the models. The repair cost of an eleventh generation Corolla model produced after 2012 tends to be greater than the previous generation.

The price also differs based on location. Western states generally have higher replacement costs, whereas eastern and southeastern states are less costly. This price difference is not just for windshields but rather the entire maintenance cost of a Corolla.

Compared to the rival brands, i.e., Hyundai Elantra, Honda Civic, Mazda 3, etc., the Toyota Corolla maintenance costs are generally lower. This is a win for your Corolla as you can replace the windshield for a lesser price, considering other vehicles!

Below are some of the windshield replacement prices for different model years of the Corolla, auto repair shop names, and locations.

2019 – 2020 Toyota Corolla

If you own a 2019 or a 2020 Toyota Corolla, the average cost for replacing the windshield will be around $500-$600. This twelfth generation Corolla, although the best in technology and safety compared to the previous generations, doesn’t necessarily differ much in price from the previous generation. The OEM windshield may cost you about $1,129 for the 2019 model year, as OEM windshield replacement costs are much higher. Aftermarket OEMs are much cheaper and average around $700. You may find the lowest price near Orlando, Florida, which is $571.90, and the highest in the western part of the country.

Houston, TXWindshield Hub $566.90
Orlando, FLWindshield Hub$571.90
Salt Lake City, UTUS Auto Glass$897.66

2017 Toyota Corolla

On average, prepare around $500-$600 to replace the windshield of your 2017 Toyota Corolla. Yes, the prices are very similar (almost identical) to the 2019-2020 models with just a little difference here and there. 

My research showed me that the charges for windshield replacement services are higher in the western states and lower in southern states like Florida and Texas. The cost may be marginally higher in Orlando, Florida.

Houston, TXWindshield Hub $569.92
Orlando, FLWindshield Hub$574.92
Salt Lake City, UTUS Auto Glass$897.66

2016 Toyota Corolla

If you have to replace the windshield of your 2016 Toyota Corolla, it’s going to cost you between $500-$600. 

The data I managed to gather showed me that in places like Salt Lake City, UT, for instance, there’s an obvious decline in windshield replacement costs, as compared to pervious year models in that same location. After the 2016 model, prices gradually go down as you will witness in the tables below.

Houston, TXWindshield Hub $569.92
Orlando, FLWindshield Hub$574.92
Salt Lake City, UTUS Auto Glass$598.67

2014 – 2015 Toyota Corolla

It’s going to cost you around $350 to change the windshield of your 2014-2015 Toyota Corolla.

From my observations, this is the middle point where you can get the best bang for your buck for your Corolla windshield replacement cost. Its technology is not too outmoded, and the replacement cost is way cheaper than the latest models. Continuing the trend in price, Texas has a much lesser cost of $311.59 than Utah.

Houston, TXWindshield Hub $311.59
Orlando, FLWindshield Hub$316.59
Salt Lake City, UTUS Auto Glass$598.67

2009 – 2010 Toyota Corolla

The average price of a windshield replacement is around $300, and it is cheap throughout the U.S. as the prices only differ by around $100 between the western state of Utah and the southeastern state of Florida.

This is the tenth generation Corolla model, and you should observe a greater decrease in price for the replacement cost. As these models are less technologically-advanced, the maintenance costs are also more affordable. 

Houston, TXWindshield Hub $265.29
Orlando, FLWindshield Hub$270.29
Salt Lake City, UTUS Auto Glass$390.73

2006 – 2007 Toyota Corolla

You can easily replace the windshield of your 2006-2007 Toyota Corolla for about $250. It’s only natural, since they are both older models and the glass is not as sophisticated as the newer generation models. 

Houston, TXWindshield Hub $250.54
Orlando, FLWindshield Hub$255.54
Salt Lake City, UTUS Auto Glass$295.09


Whether you are looking for an OEM, Dealer, or Aftermarket windshield replacement for your Corolla, the price difference is significant based on location and your model year. From the above-mentioned data, even if you buy a replacement windshield from the same company, Windshield Hub, there is a slight variation, naturally, due to the difference in location.

I hope this article helped my fellow Toyota Corolla drivers who have to replace their windshields and have no idea how much money to prepare. On average, put aside around $400-500 (that should cover installation fees, ordering the new windshield, etc.) Remember – safety is a priority, so don’t wait for that annoying crack to become a danger to you and the people you drive.

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