Picking the Best Window Regulator for Your Car and Learning How It Works

You have enjoyed the power window feature of your car through the years that allowed you easy control of the rolling up and down of the vehicle’s glass windows. This is thanks to the power window regulator and motor assembly that supplied the power for the window glass movements with a slight touch of your fingertips. However, excessive use will soon take a toll, and the window regulator will eventually go bad. The car window regulator repair cost can be quite expensive. However, if you have the basic knowledge and a couple of repair tools, you can save big bucks by doing the window regulator repair by yourself.

What Is a Window Regulator?

By knowing how window regulators work, you will better understand the question, “What does a window regulator do?” A window regulator is a mechanism that provides the ability to roll the vehicle’s window up and down. There are two types – the power window and the manual window regulator.

The power window regulator lets you control the opening and closing of the car’s window with a slight touch of a button. This is a significant improvement from the traditional manual window regulator, where you have to manually rotate the window crank to roll it up and down.

Every door window of the car has one regulator that controls the movement of the window glass. So, if one window fails to open, it’s possible you need a power window regulator replacement. However, your purchase should be door-specific. If you happen to buy a driver-side window regulator, that product won’t fit in the defective rear passenger-side door.

What Are Some Good Window Regulators?

You’ll come across several window regulators on the automotive store shelves and online shops. Looking for one can be quite challenging, considering that the window regulator market is something unpopular, unlike car window tints, window shades, and headlights. To make things easier for you, we’ve created a list of the top products around.

1. ACDelco Power Window Regulator and Motor Assembly

Manufacturer: ACDelco | Brand: GM | Model Number: 15771355 | Item Weight: 3.35 pounds | Dimensions: 24.1 x 16.1 x 5.2 inches | Position: Rear Driver Side | Warranty: 24-month
GM Genuine Parts 15771355 Rear Driver Side Power Window Regulator and Motor Assembly
  • This part requires programming and/or special setup procedures. GM Service Information describes the procedures and special tools needed to...
  • Some GM Genuine Parts may have formerly appeared as ACDelco GM Original Equipment (OE)
  • GM Genuine Parts are designed, engineered and tested to rigorous standards, and are backed by General Motors

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ACDelco is the official General Motors (GM) Genuine Parts Original Equipment Manufacturer, specializing in window lift products. Its window regulators were engineered and tested to fit every GM make and model. This gives you 100% assurance that you are getting a genuine GM part that perfectly fits in your GM vehicle. This also makes it easy and quick to install.

To further provide assurance on quality, every purchase of ACDelco window regulator and motor assembly is backed by a 24-month, unlimited-mile, limited warranty backed by GM. This should give you an added peace of mind on its performance for the first 2 years of use.

2. Dorman Power Window Motor and Regulator Assembly

Manufacturer: DORMAN | Brand: Dorman | Model Number: 741-578 | Item Weight: 7.32 pounds | Dimensions: 24.5 x 17.3 x 3.3 inches | Position: Rear Driver Side | Warranty: N/A
Dorman 741-578 Rear Driver Side Power Window Motor and Regulator Assembly for Select Cadillac / Chevrolet / GMC Models (OE FIX)
  • Improved replacement - this window regulator and motor assembly features enhancements over the original design for greater reliability....
  • Failure-resistant design - features cable tension springs to resist cable reel binding from insufficient tension
  • Simple replacement - no special tools are required to install this regulator assembly

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Dorman is one of the pioneers of aftermarket power window regulator replacement parts with decades of automotive aftermarket experience. Dorman power motor and regulator assemblies were rigorously tested for reliability and durability, even under heavy use. For added assurance on quality, Dorman products are covered under a lifetime limited warranty.

The power window motors and regulator assemblies of Dorman have a broad range of models to cater to most car brands. For instance, the Dorman 741-578 Power Window Motor is suitable for Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC vehicles.

Most OEM regulators fail due to poor tension resulting in cable reel binding. On the other hand, Dorman 741-578 regulators have failure-resistant designs, incorporating cable tension springs that add tension to resist reel binding. There are also feature enhancements from the OE fit design for added durability.

Another notable feature is the exclusive plug-and-play construction. Dorman’s expertise and substantial investment in embedded technology and circuit board designs combine the smart window lift motor and regulator to restore the original OE fit and window operating functions. It makes it easier and quicker to install without the need for special tools.

On the other hand, the Dorman 751-649 Power Window Motor and Regulator Assembly is suited for select Fiat vehicles, especially the 500 models starting from the year model 2012 up to 2019. This is also specific for the front passenger-side power window. The Dorman 751-649 window regulator features a reverse-engineered design to match the OE dimension and shape for a seamless and direct fit with the Fiat 500 vehicles. To provide quality assurance, all products were rigorously tested by thousands of wipe cycles to ensure unwavering performance.

3. A-Premium Window Regulator

Manufacturer: PremiumpartsWhosale | Brand: A-Premium | Model Number: WR644FL | Item Weight: 4.99 pounds | Dimensions: 25.5 x 11.5 x 3.2 inches | Position: Front Driver Side | Warranty: 12-month
A-Premium Front Driver Side Power Window Regulator w/Motor Replacement for Chevrolet Silverado Tahoe GMC Yukon XL Sierra Escalade Pickup Truck SUV 2000-2006
  • OE Replacement Window Regulator and Motor Assembly, Easy Fit
  • Fits Chevrolet — Silverado / Tahoe / Suburban / Avalanche 1500 2500 3500 00-06, Cadillac — Escalade 02-06, GMC — Yukon / Yukon XL / Sierra...
  • Location: Front Left, Driver Side

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A-Premium is a fast-growing aftermarket automotive parts manufacturer with 10 years of expertise and experience in the industry. The company’s team of engineers uses the latest innovation and most advanced technology to provide premium-quality products. The power window regulators of A-Premium are designed with a strong metal frame and steel-capped ends for additional strength. Plus, the extra-thick plastic sheath provides extended durability. Every purchase comes with a 1-year unlimited mileage warranty.

All A-Premium replacement parts were tested 10,000 times during the production, with another 100% load testing prior to shipment to ensure the best performance. Their products were carefully engineered to meet and exceed the original equipment specifications for an exact fit with most car brands. Just like its major competitor, A-Premium has several lines of motor assembly and window regulators to ensure suitability with the specific vehicles.

True to its name, A-Premium caters to premium luxury cars like BMW, and it has a specific aftermarket replacement part for this brand. The A-Premium Power Window Regulator for BMW with part-number WR0009C comes with a motor replacement and is designed for an exact OE fit with the BMW E46 Series sedan and station wagon. This specific product is also for the front-right passenger-side window.

For other auto brands like GMC, Cadillac, and Chevrolet, the best choice is the A-Premium WR644FL Front Driver Side Power Window Regulator, which also comes with a motor replacement. This can fit with the Silverado, Avalanche, Suburban, and Tahoe models of Chevrolet. For GMC, the Yukon, Yukon XL, and Sierra are also compatible.

How to Pick the Best Window Regulator for Your Car 

Price is always a significant factor in shopping. However, for window regulators and motor assemblies, there are other things to look for to ensure you have the right product for the replacement of the defective one. Among the important variables are as follows.


Not all front passenger-side window regulators are compatible with the same side in your vehicle. Some parts are brand-specific due to size and dimensions. So, it’s important to read the fine prints and check if the aftermarket replacement window regulator that you are planning to buy is compatible with your car.

With or Without Motor

It’s easy to be deceived by the cheaper price. However, watch out as it could be a lot cheaper than a similar product because it comes without a window lift motor. If the window regulator motor is still functional, then it’s okay to get one without the motor. If the motor is defective, it’s best to buy the entire motor assembly.

Easy to Install

Not all power window regulator replacement parts are easy to install. Some products may need some special tools for the replacement and installation process. Others don’t require any special tool at all. This may not be a significant factor if you are using a professional service for the replacement. However, if you are going to do it yourself, the easy-to-install feature will be a great help.


Branding provides assurance on durability and reliability. With some brands in the window regulator market not familiar for most car owners, it’s important to check the history and reputation of the brand to ensure you are getting a premium product with the best quality.

By properly taking into account each of the above factors, nothing should go wrong with your shopping for the right power window regulator and motor assembly of your car. Moreover, we have a list of the top five products in the market to further take out the stress of shopping in an unfamiliar market.

Best Selling Window Regulators

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