The 10 Best Windshield Water Repellent Products of This Year

Driving in the rain can always be annoying because it obstructs your view, much like ice on the windshield. However, along with your windshield wipers, you can also use some water repellent on the windshield to make driving in the rain much easier. Consider using one of these products to get the rain off your car.

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What Is a Windshield Water Repellent & How it Works?

Windshield water repellent has a coating that is applied to the glass of your car. With the hydrophobic properties present in most water repellents, the coating will be able to repel the water by pushing it off the surface of the glass rather than allowing it to sit there. This allows you to have increased visibility when you are driving in both the rain and the snow.

Water repellent is hydrophobic which means it does not like water. This is because the atoms and the chemicals in the water repellent make the oxygen electronegative. This gives it the properties it needs to repel water.

The properties in the water repellent also make it polar. This also makes it hydrophobic and able to repel water. This also makes the water droplets that hit the car form hard balls that more easily roll off the surface of the windshield rather than have it stick to the surface as you see on windshields that are not treated with water repellent.

You might also hear people talk about the surface angle when you hear them discuss water repellents. The properties of water repellent make the surface angle of the water that hits your windshield bigger. The contact angle or surface angle will determine if the water repellent is efficient or not. Knowing the contact angle of the water repellent will be able to help you determine whether or not you are buying a quality repellent or not. Higher contact angles mean higher water-shedding, which you want when looking for water repellents.

Getting a water repellent with hydrophobic properties is necessary to ensure it works properly and does its job. In addition, when you have a water repellent with high contact angles, you will have significantly increased visibility. Droplets running off and being repelled by the car make it much easier to see through the window than the rain that hits the windshield at high speed when you are driving through a rainstorm.

It also works for snow and ice as well as rain. So, no matter where you live, you will benefit from having a water repellant because it makes it so much easier to drive. It also means fewer water spots on your windshield which keeps your car looking newer and fresh for longer. You can also use your windshield wipers less.

What are the Benefits of Using a Water Repellent?

There are many benefits when it comes to using a water repellent. Here are some of the main ones to consider when you are looking for the right product:

  • Improves visibility. Driving in the rain can be challenging. It’s also hard to see the road, especially in downpours. Wipes can also smear dirt and grime around the window, making it harder to see. Most water repellents will add a protective coating around the window to ensure the dirt cannot be pushed around.
  • Easier Cleaning. You probably know that it becomes harder and harder to clean the windshield each time it rains because of all the dirt and water. Without dirt being able to stick to the window, though, you can be sure cleaning your car will be much easier. You will even be able to clean with glass cleaner.
  • Allows you to drive safer. Some people even avoid the roads in the rain, especially if their windshield wipers do not work correctly. Having a water repellent will be able to let you drive more confidently. It also makes your view much clearer.
  • You can drive without your wipers. Some people choose to drive with wipers and water repellent. You can always do both, but you don’t have to in most cases. The coating from the spray will make sure that your windshield repels all water. This will allow your wipers to last longer because you don’t have to use them as often, and they don’t have to work as hard when you do use them.
  • It makes driving easier. If you’re afraid of driving in the rain, this can remove some of the fear and nervousness. Just make sure you still drive slowly and allow yourself time to get used to the repellent to be sure you can see the road.

Best Windshield Water Repellents – Reviews

1. Rain-X 630168 Glass Water-Repellent Aerosol 12 oz.

Rain-X 630168 Glass Water-Repellent Aerosol 12 oz.
  • Easier and faster to apply Rain-X water-beading magic: Simply spray on and wipe off.
  • Instant activation. No hazing and buffing required!
  • Works even on wet windshields

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If you want an easy and cost-effective water repellant, this should be the first one on your list. It activates instantly, so you can begin driving right after spraying it on. You don’t have to haze and buff it at all, either. All you do is spray and drive. It makes it much easier to see out of the windshield during wet weather, including rain and snow.

  • Simply spray on and wipe off
  • Repels rain effectively
  • Reduces adhesion of snow
  • Some customers say it makes smudges on their windshield
  • Can streak the window if not applied properly

2. Rain-X 800002243 Glass Treatment – 7 fl oz.

Rain-X 800002243 Glass Treatment- 7 fl oz. ( Packaging may vary )
  • Restores headlights and clear plastic by removing haze and discoloration
  • Try Rain‑X Original Glass Water Repellent on your glass shower door and home glass windows for more water beading magic!
  • Improves driving visibility and wiper blade performance

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This spray can be used on cars’ shower doors and home glass windows. It improves your wiper blades’ performance and allows you to see easier when driving. It also treats your windshield by removing discoloration and haze from the windshield.

  • It comes from a reputable brand – Rain X
  • It can be used for your home and the car
  • It can also be used to treat headlights and the windows to make them less hazy in appearance
  • It comes in a tiny bottle, so you might need to buy more than one
  • Bottle leaks easy, so make sure to store it upright and inside

3. Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On Nano Rain Repellent Wipes for Windshield, Water Repellent, Easy Application

These are wipes, so they work a little differently than the sprays you might have used in the past. The wipes work for up to two years as long as you apply them properly and use enough of them. The packaging is compact and can be stored inside the car or home. This product can also prolong the lifespan of your wipers.

  • It makes the windshield repel water, oil, and dirt
  • It makes the car much easier to clean
  • Easier to see and drive
  • Wipes are not everyone’s favorite, and some prefer the sprays
  • It might leave streaks on the car if you use too many

4. Rust-Oleum Shield H2O Rain Repellent Spray, 11 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), Clear

This can be used on the car or the glass inside your home. The unique formula makes sure the spray repels rain, mud, and dirt. You need to apply two coats and then wipe with a clean cloth for 5 minutes each time you make an application. This product is durable and lasts long if you apply it correctly.

  • Dries haze-free
  • Treatment dries entirely in 10 minutes
  • Beading technology repels rain
  • A little more complicated to apply than some of the other sprays that only require one coating
  • Small bottle, so you might need to buy more than one

5. Invisible Glass 92184 22-Ounce Premium Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent

Invisible Glass 92184 22-Ounce Premium Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent for Exterior Automotive Glass and Windshields to Shield Against Rain, Snow, and Sleet
  • RAIN, SLEET, SNOW: The elements are no match for the tough, dependable performance of the Invisible Glass Clean & Repel rain shield spray glass...
  • IMPROVE RESPONSE TIME: Driver reaction time improves by 25% in wet weather when Invisible Glass rain repellent and glass cleaner combines for an...
  • EASY DEBRIS REMOVAL: Cleans and repels in one easy step. Get rid of bug splatters and tough road grime while preventing rain, ice, and frost...

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This is a great product to use in rain, sleet, or snow. This product is durable and very dependable, so you can be sure you are getting maximum visibility. Driver reaction time is said to be 25% improved in wet weather. The product also repels dirt and grime, making your windshield appear cleaner and newer.

  • Good customer support and a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product
  • Made in the USA
  • Repels rain, sleet, and snow
  • It does not work well long term, so you need to spray it on the windshield often
  • Does not clean the window as well as advertised

6. SHINE ARMOR Ceramic Coating Fortify Quick Coat Car Wax Polish Spray Waterless Wash & Wax Hydrophobic Top Coat Polish

SHINE ARMOR Ceramic Coating Fortify Quick Coat Car Wax Polish Spray Waterless Wash & Wax Hydrophobic Top Coat Polish & Polymer Paint Sealant Detail Protection 8 Fl Oz
  • Advanced Formula 3-in-1. Our fortify quick coat is your all-in-one ceramic coating hydrophobic spray. Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat ceramic car...
  • No Streaking, Smearing Or Scratching. Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat premium formula ceramic car coating is a gentle and effective car polish for...
  • Cuts Dirt, Grime & Grease. Our Quick Coat ceramic wax car sealant eliminates dirt, grime & grease instantly! Our signature 3-in-1 formula gives...

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This is one of the top sellers on Amazon and for a good reason. It is an all-in-one product including coating and shining, water-repelling, and giving your car a fresh wax. It doesn’t cause any streaking and smearing, which keeps your windshield looking fresh. It’s safe for all surfaces so that you can use it on boats, cars, RVs, and pretty much any outdoor vehicle.

  • 3 in 1 formula makes your car shiny and water repellant
  • Perfect for removing dirt and grime
  • It makes your car look new and clean
  • The bottle does not come with a spray head, so you need to buy one separately
  • The bottle is small, and you might need to buy more than one if you plan to use it on multiple products

7. Gtechniq – G5 Water Repellent Coating for Glass and Perspex – Maximum Water Repellency

This spray can save you money and time because it lasts for 3 to 6 months. It’s straightforward to use and makes the surface of your windshield completely hydrophobic. It helps remove ice, insects, and birds dropping stuck on the window. It also keeps your windows cleaner for longer without not many touch-ups required.

  • It lasts a long time
  • Easy to spray on and use
  • It makes water beads roll off easily
  • It can cause streakiness if you apply too much
  • Instructions are not clear, so you may need to watch YouTube videos

8. Rain Clear Windshield Water Repellent Gel 3 pack from Glass Science

Rain Clear Windshield Water Repellent Gel 3 Pack from Glass Science
  • Instantly repels rain, sleet and snow for a clear view of the road and dramatically reduces the adhesion & buildup of frost, snow, ice, salt,...
  • For Windshields, Windows, Mirrors and Headlights. VOC-Free Gel Formula.
  • Includes three 8 oz Rain Clear ‘Gel- Formula’ Rain Repellent bottles..

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This product is a gel, so it’s slightly different from sprays and wipes you might have used in the past. However, it works instantly and can repel all water, including rain and sleet. You can also use it on headlights and mirrors. This also comes in a three-pack, so you can have extra for later if you need it.

  • It makes the glass appear newer and gives you a clear view of the road
  • Soil and stain repellent as well as a water repellant
  • If you apply it too much, the window can get cloudy and hazy
  • Harder to polish than sprays and wipes

9. Rain-X Glass Treatment & Anti-Fog Combo

Rain-X Glass Treatment & Anti-Fog Combo
  • This combo includes 1 bottle Rain-X Original Glass Treatment and 1 bottle Rain-X Anti Fog to protect your exterior and interior sides of glass...
  • Improve all-weather visibility, safety and driving comfort for exterior and interior windows.
  • Rain-X Original Glass treatment for exterior glass repels rain, sleet and snow

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If you live in a foggy area, this is a great combination product to allow you to repel water and get rid of the fog that can make driving very hard. You can also use it on the mirrors of the car. In addition, the bottle lasts a long time as you only need one coat.

  • Repels rain, snow, and sleet
  • Improves comfort and confidence of the driver
  • Protects the outside windows and the mirrors
  • Glass repellant makes water bead quickly but takes a long time to roll-off
  • Streaks if you apply too much and do not wipe in the same direction

10. Drexler Ceramic Glass Coat 20ml Ceramic Coating Windshield Hydrophobic Protection for Glass Parts

This is a ceramic coating that is very easy to apply. You only have to use a small amount by dabbing it onto a cloth and coating the window and windshield with it. It repels water, and there are no water spots left on the windows. It makes driving easier and makes for increased visibility.

  • It only takes a small amount, so the bottle lasts a long time
  • 1 to 2 years for each coat
  • Works in windshield, mirrors, and windows
  • Small bottle, so you have to be sparing when using it on multiple vehicles
  • It cannot be applied on hot days as it will evaporate


Picking a water repellant is made easy with this guide. Adding a water repellant to your car’s maintenance routine can be a great way to ensure you are keeping yourself safe when you drive. It also makes it easy to drive in any weather, including rain, snow, and wet weather conditions.

Best Selling Windshield Water Repellents

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