Top 10 Best Windshield Removal Tools

Windshield damage is a common occurrence. These large pieces of glass keep us separated from the road and anything that happens to be in the air. They’re an actual shield, providing both comfort and safety. Whether you’re working in a repair shop or doing work on your personal vehicles, having the right tools for the job is always a must. This is especially true when you’re working with auto glass.

When you’re removing a windshield, there are two huge risks. First, you have to worry about breaking the large piece of glass you’re working on, which is a considerable threat to your safety. While windshields are designed to be strong, that’s only applicable when they’ve been installed in a vehicle. Outside of a car, they need to be handled like any other piece of glass. Like all other glass, they become hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny sharp shards when they shatter. This is the last thing you want happening in a repair shop or your garage.

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Another thing you have to worry about is further vehicle damage. To remove a windshield or other auto glass pieces from a vehicle, you need the proper tools. If you don’t have them, you risk causing severe damage to the areas where the glass is affixed to the auto. This can result in much more costly repairs needing to take place. Repairing a windshield frame is a lengthy process, especially if you want the windshield to mount to the car properly.

These are two main reasons to get the right tools for the job. Thankfully, there are quite a few available on the market today. If you’re getting ready to replace some of your auto’s glass, you’re in the right place. Check out these specialized tools to help the process go smoothly.

10 Reviews of the Best Windshield Removal Tools

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1. Equalizer Express Stingray Auto Glass Knife

Equalizer Express Stingray Auto Glass Knife
  • Equalizer Stingray
  • Equalizer cut out tool
  • Electric cut out tool

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The Equalizer Express Stingray Auto Glass Knife is perhaps the best single tool available on the market. The blade itself is 3×10” and designed to cut through the tough urethane that keeps your car’s windshield in place. It’s designed to be used for plunge and angle cuts, allowing you to attack the glass from whatever point you need to.

This tool is powerful, allowing for speeds ranging from 500 to 3,000 strokes per minute. All you need is an outlet to get started. If you plan on replacing a large amount of auto glass over the next few years, this is likely the best tool for you or your shop.

One of the things I like best about the tool is its blade. The plunger floats on a series of ball bearings, where a pin drives the blade itself. This means that it can be pushed directly to the blade, allowing better control over your tool. For do-it-yourselfers who are just getting started, the tool comes with a pair of safety glasses and an instructional DVD, making it easy for anyone to get started. The only complaint is blade length not being long enough for all vehicles. Thankfully, you can remedy that by replacing the blade.

2. BOUSH Windshield Removal Tool Kit

Windshield Removal Tool Kit Car Windscreen Cold Knife Quick Release Windshield Tool Auto Window Glass Remover by BOUSH (Tool Set)
  • 1. This tool is a good helper for you to repair or remove car windshield adhesive caulking faster and safer.
  • 2. Ergonomically oval shaped knife bar grips comfortably in all hands, provides strong gripping power, suitable for any blades dia less than...
  • 3. Foam-coated pull handle offers additional leverage, save energy and will not slip when wet with sweat. Take it down but insert scraping blade...

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If you’re looking for a manual tool, you can look at the BOUSH Windshield Removal Tool Kit. This tool is a simple blade, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t practical. When it comes to auto tools, sometimes simple is better, and it means fewer possible issues are associated with tool breakdowns. It also lets you take a more close-up and personal approach, which some people prefer.

Looking at this kit, you’ll find a straight bar, a foam-covered pull handle, three different blades, as well as two spatula-shaped sealant scrapers. When it comes to windshield removal, these are all the tools that you’ll need, for the most part. The blades included are meant to cover an extensive range of urethane widths, making removal possible on most vehicles. However, if the blade isn’t long enough, you can purchase longer replacements.

It all depends on whether or not a manual tool is something you require. This kit is an excellent manual option for most people. It’s cheaper than many alternatives, but it doesn’t lack any necessary pieces to remove a windshield. If anything, it’s an excellent backup for your power tools, too.

3. Clearshield Windshield Repair Kit

Sometimes a windshield doesn’t need to be removed to be repaired. Many windshields can be repaired rather than replaced. While this series of tools center around windshield removal, it’s important that all the tools needed for windshield work are included. In this case, we’ve included the Clearshield Windshield Repair Kit. This kit has been designed for shops and windshield technicians to do countless repairs rather than full removals.

The Clearshield kit comes with everything you need to repair a chipped or cracked windshield. It has the required resin and a UV light to increase curing time. It’s got a handheld Dremel tool and the drill bits necessary to pierce the glass to make your repairs.

Sometimes, it’s better to prevent windshield replacement. It’s not always necessary, depending on the type of crack or chip in the glass. Thankfully, Clearshield designed this kit for just that reason.

If you’re looking to make repairs and provide replacement services, you need to have the appropriate tools. This kit gives you everything you need and nothing more. Add it to your kit of windshield and auto glass tools today.

4. Glass Technology Kong Auto Glass Cut Out Tool

Glass Technology Kong Auto Glass Cut Out Tool - Windshield Removal Tools
  • Perfect for new model vehicles with little molding
  • Needs only one tool for cutting process. There is no requirement for additional pulleys or equipment to be attached to the interior of the...
  • With its dual cutting technology, a specialist can cut the windshield out in half the time

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Glass Technology is a knowledgeable company when it comes to auto glass, and they produce shop-grade tools for glass removal. However, the most remarkable thing about the Kong is its non-invasive approach. Many other tools require some form of leverage from inside the vehicle while removing the glass. The Kong, however, can be used entirely from outside of the car. Glass Technology claims that this causes less vehicle damage overall, making it the ideal windshield removal tool.

Additionally, Glass Technology states this is the only tool you’ll need, which is pretty impressive. The fact that no other setup needs to take place makes glass removal quick. Best of all, it can be used on other sections of glass, too. You can take care of the windshield and the rear glass with the same tool. That kind of versatility is astounding.

The only real drawback to this set of tools is its price. The set is intended for automotive professionals, and the price reflects it. This can be a bit hard to swallow for some. However, if you’re working on more than one vehicle, it might be the perfect solution for you.

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5. IMT Heavy Duty Dual Vacuum Suction Cup Glass Lifter

IMT Heavy Duty Dual Vacuum Suction Cup Glass Lifter with Curved Pads, Strength Handheld Stone Handling Tool, 330lb Horizontal Suction Cup
  • ★Big Pulling Power: Double cups hand-held vacuum lifter, fast attachment on flat and curved, clean, smooth, nonporous surfaces. The maximum...
  • ★Make materials handling easier and safer: Excellent for lifting and moving materials like windshield, aquarium, mirrors, doors, plastics,...
  • ★Made with Powerful and Eco-friendly Materials: The glass suction cup pad is made with durable, odorless, extra strength rubber and the ABS...

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If you’re removing the auto glass, you need a method of safely removing the glass once it’s been freed from the vehicle. Many glass lifters are available, but none so impressive as the IMT Heavy Duty lifters available. These glass lifters use a suction cup, like most others, but the design of this set is really where the difference lies. The surfaces of these lifters are curved, helping them adhere to a windshield much better than other options on the market.

You may notice that these are listed as both glass lifters and stone lifters. That’s due to the impressive weight that they can handle. These suction cup lifters can hold weights of up to 330 pounds, which is more than enough for any windshield you may be removing or installing. One of the critical points of auto glass removal and installation is safety. With these heavy-duty lifers, you won’t have to worry about dropping glass and making a small minefield in your workstation.

Depending on your needs, these come in two sizes, a 6.3” suction cup and a 4.3” suction cup. Bigger is often better for auto glass, so I’ve linked the 6.3” option.

6. UTMALL 7-Piece Windshield Removal Tool Kit

UTMALL Windshield Removal Tool Kit 7pc Automotive Wind Glass Removal Hand Tool Windscreen Remover Set
  • Brand new, heavy duty, windshield removal tool kit
  • Use to remove windshield for GM, Chrysler, Honda, and others Import or domestic cars or light trucks
  • Includes all of the specialised tools required to safely and quickly remove windshields

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When you’re doing most of your repairs at home, the simpler the tool, the better. Many of the more complex tool kits are great, but if they’re only going to be used a handful of times, the cost can be a little intimidating. When it comes to windshield removal, this is especially true. If you’re an at-home mechanic, you may want a reliable windshield removal tool kit that won’t break the bank. UTMALL has an option that most home mechanics will find to be suitable. Their 7-Piece Windshield Removal Tool Kit is perfect for most people.

This kit comes with all of the tools you need to get to the windshield and effectively remove it. You’ll get the urethane cutting wire you need to get through most windshield urethane. You also get two gripping handles, a windshield removal tool for the adhesive around the glass, a wire feeder, a trim removal tool, and a windshield molding release tool. You also get a storage case to keep things organized.

Automobile special workers replacing windscreen or windshield of a car in auto service station garage

7. Tool Aid SG 87900 Windshield Removal Tool

Tool Aid SG 87900 Windshield Removal Tool, Silver, One Size
  • Cuts the sealant around windows with specially designed tempered steel blade
  • Pull handle provides additional leverage
  • Extra blade supplied with each tool

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If you’re looking to add the fewest amount of tools to your toolbox possible, then you may want to consider the Tool Aid Windshield Removal Tool. This tool is the simplest on my list. It’s a single-blade-mounted windshield removal tool with an attached pull handle. With other, more advanced tools and kits available, you may be wondering why this tool made the list. It’s simple, really; simplicity.

Sometimes, you don’t want a kit. Sometimes you want the original tool for the job. This is that tool. The blade included with the tool makes light work of auto glass urethane. The entire tool is fashioned from durable materials, and the blade itself is made from tempered steel. When you’re looking for a windshield removal, it doesn’t get simpler than this. The price is indicative of how simple the tool is.

If you’re doing a single windshield removal or want a tool that’ll last until your next windshield removal, this one will certainly work. Replacement blades are readily available, as well.

8. BOUSH Windshield Urethane Scraper Tool Set

BOUSH Windshield Urethane Scraper Tool Kit Universal Car Glass Removal Tool Kit Windshield Removal Tool Kit with 3pcs Blades with Soft Rubber
  • 1. This windshield urethane removal tool kit is a good tool for you to remove vehicle windshield urethane faster and safer.
  • The Handle is finished with hard ABS plus soft rubber, offers comfortable feeling and not easy to slip when operating.
  • The windshield removal tool thin blade is made from Stainless steel,Single-edge cutting for each piece blade,meanwhile, it has a certain...

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Sometimes, the removal is the easy part of the job. What’s harder is what comes after – urethane removal. Most of the time, urethane is so heavily bonded to the vehicle itself that it’s nearly impossible to get off. BOUSH has made a urethane scraper set with three-blade sizes for these occasions expressly. This is one of those cases where this toolset doesn’t remove the windshield, but it certainly makes the job easier.

An important part of installing a new windshield is cleaning the frame well enough to adhere. If you can’t get rid of the old urethane and adhesive, you won’t be able to install the new windshield properly. A windshield with a bad seal will likely crack or come loose, which would be disastrous for all parties involved. Ensure that you have an excellent urethane scraper set alongside your other windshield removal tools.

Meanwhile, here are some ways to prevent your crack from spreading.

9. UltraWiz 3007k Lever Knife

UltraWiz 3007k Lever Knife Knife Auto Glass/Windshield Removal Tool/Cut Out Cold Made in USA
  • UltraWiz “The Tools Pro’s Use”. “The blades that permanently changed the industry.” Windshield removal tools selected by the majority...
  • Newly designed for better clearance. Unique lever allows for unlimited adjustments and easy blade changes. High quality aluminum.
  • Ergonomically shaped handle provides comfort and gripping power. Inline pull cable has a heavy-duty eyelet for added strength. Cable handle is...

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Another simple tool for windshield removal, we’ve got the UltraWiz 3007k Lever Knife at number nine on my list. UltraWiz markets its tools as the options that professionals use. One of the most striking parts of this lever knife is its color and construction. The knife is bright purple, and made out of tough, anodized aluminum. However, this lever knife is different from the others on the market because it provides better clearance than others available. The blade is a bit further from the knife’s body, making it easier to use against the vehicle’s auto glass.

The cable for the pull handle is completely covered in a jacket, meaning no exposed wires to worry about. The handle itself is wrapped in foam, letting it mold to your hand perfectly. This makes it ideal for the strenuous job that is windshield removal. UltraWiz is also proud to announce that the tool itself was designed under OSHA’s Ergonomic Guidelines for Selecting Hand Tools. So, arguably, this is a tool that could be used all day thanks to the grip’s comfort.

Now, as this has been designed for professional application, the price is reflective of that. It’s a bit more expensive than a number of the other options on my list. However, if you’re going to be replacing more than one windshield in a single day, this tool is likely your best bet.

10. DAYUAN 7-piece Classic Vintage Car Molded Windscreen Removal Tool Set

DAYUAN 7pc Classic Vintage Car Molded Windshield Remover Windscreen Removal Tool Kit Set
  • brand new, heavy duty, windshield removal tool kit
  • includes all of the specialised tools required to safely and quickly remove windshields
  • suitable for variety of vehicles

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The last set of tools I have on my list is made by DAYUAN. This is another 7-piece windshield removal kit, like the UTMALL option listed above. However, this one is specifically geared towards vintage vehicles. The tool kit includes many of the same tools as the option provided by UTMALL; however, the reviews tend to indicate that the quality of the tools isn’t as good as the UTMALL kit listed above.

When you order the DAYUAN kit, you’re getting a rubber gasket knife, galvanized wire, a wire feeder, two wire handles, a windshield removal tool, and a trim pad remover. Most of the reviews indicate that this kit shouldn’t be expected to last for more than one windshield removal. Now, if you’re only removing a single windshield, this may play in your favor. The price of the kit is as much, and in some cases less, than the price of the single tools I have listed here. Keep that in mind when you’re considering your options.


When it comes to auto repair, most jobs are going to require specialized tools. This is especially true of auto glass removal.

Workers replacing a car windshield

To be perfectly frank, windshield removal is a job that requires more than just a single tool, which is why I provided a variety of options on my list. Of course, you’ll need a gasket knife, a gasket scraper, and a windshield removal tool. However, sometimes it helps to have a few extra tools that make the job easier. Overall, this makes windshield removal and replacement a safer task, the most crucial aspect of any auto repair.

Top-Rated Windshield Removal Tools

SaleBestseller No. 1
Tool Aid SG 87900 Windshield Removal Tool, Silver, One Size
Tool Aid SG 87900 Windshield Removal Tool, Silver, One Size
Cuts the sealant around windows with specially designed tempered steel blade; Pull handle provides additional...
Bestseller No. 2
BILITOOLS 7-Piece Windshield Removal Tool Kit for Classic Vintage Car Windscreen Remover Set
BILITOOLS 7-Piece Windshield Removal Tool Kit for Classic Vintage Car Windscreen Remover Set
Pull Scraper and Pull Rope with adjustable T-bar to cut butyl caulking compound; Includes all of the...
Bestseller No. 3
Performance Tool W80641 Windshield Removal tool
Performance Tool W80641 Windshield Removal tool
Removes bonded windshields and backlights on GM and Chrysler vehicles; Specially designed for strength and...
Bestseller No. 4
AUTUT Car Windshield Removal Tool Kit with Steel Wire
AUTUT Car Windshield Removal Tool Kit with Steel Wire
【PACKAGE】1 x Cutting Wire; 2 x Wire Gripping Handles.; 【FUNCTION】Removal of rigidly-bonded automobile...

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