Windshield Safety

When windshields were first developed in 1904, they were made of ordinary glass, the same type windows are made from. This kind of glass shattered on collision, leading to serious injuries. Manufacturers began making changes to the way windshields are made. First, tempered glass was introduced, and then multi-layered laminated glass was introduced. You can read more about how a windshield is made on this page: How a Windshield is Made.

Modern, glued-in windshields contribute to the vehicle’s stability, but that was never the main reason to design them the way they are now. The main reason that has been driving windshield innovation was to avoid potential harm from sharp glass fragments. Pretty much all countries now have standards that require windshields to remain in a single piece when they are broken.

Speaking of breaking a windshield, did you know that you can easily break a windshield with a spark plug? Knowing how to use a spark plug to break windows may save your life one day and if not, it’s a fun thing to watch. Take a look:

But even modern windshields will not protect you from getting cracks and chips. Your windshield could easily break when you are driving. Unless something large comes into contact with your windshield, it’s generally not going to shatter while you’re behind the wheel. What you’ll see first are small chips and spiderweb cracks. 

Is it safe to continue driving? Generally speaking, you want to repair windshield cracks as soon as possible (they do get bigger if you don’t!) but some cracks are more dangerous than others. Find out when you want to hurry up with crack replacement here: Is It Safe to Drive With a Broken Windshield?

Do you know what else is dangerous? Driving with a windshield that isn’t fully defrosted. Yes, hundreds of people do it every winter. But no, simply having a spot from the driver’s side defrosted is not enough. Here is how you can Quickly and Safely Get Ice Off Your Windshield and a few handy tips on the best way to defrost it.

Fog is another thing that is dangerous when it comes to driving – both inside and outside. Knowing how to defog your windshield is also important.

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