Windshield Scratch Remover Products and Methods

A scratch is the easiest to repair compared to cracks and bullseye breaks. However, severe scratches may demand a more complex process that requires the use of an electric or cordless drill driver to complete the tasks. The need for the tool makes the repair even more expensive unless you already have one in your DIY workstation. While scratch repair has several options, professional windshield repair kits offer permanent solutions to the problem. Nonetheless, it helps to know the other methods of repairing scratches so you can take immediate temporary actions while professional help is nowhere close.

Easy Steps to Remove Scratches in Windshields

There are only a few easy steps you can follow to remove windshield scratches. Likewise, there are a couple of items to prepare before you begin the tasks. First, make sure to have a lint-free cloth ready. For more effective cleaning, secure a microfiber cloth. Also, you need to have a razor blade ready for scraping off the excess repair liquid or paste. Lastly, having a duct tape would come in handy to protect the other surface areas of the glass from the spillage of the repair paste or liquid. If the scratches are deeper, prepare a power drill for the buffing tasks around the affected areas.

Below are quick steps for scratch repair:

  1. Step One – Clean the area.
  2. Step Two – Tape off the repair area to avoid spillage of the repair liquid.
  3. Step Three – Apply the repair liquid to the scratch zone.
  4. Step Four – Wipe off the excess residue using a razor blade.
  5. Step Five – Allow some time for the repair liquid to cure and toughen.
  6. Step Six – Remove the duct tape.
  7. Step Seven – Wipe the repair zone clean using a lint-free cloth.

The above steps are the basic procedures. However, depending on the product or household item you will be using for the repair, additional steps may be required. Moreover, deep scratches may require further buffing to better remove the scratch.

DIY Projects with Home Products

Some shallow scratches may no longer require the use of professional scratch repair kits. You can remove the scratch using household items you already have in your kitchen without adding to the cost. However, there’s no guarantee that they will work. Nevertheless, these techniques provide good alternatives to the glass damage issue, and below are some of the DIY scratch repair techniques using household items.

Acrylic Nail Polish

The nail polish that you apply on your fingernails may have other uses after all. The sealing properties of acrylic make it an excellent temporary repair for scratches. The crystal clear finish when it toughens creates a perfect blend with the glass to minimize the scratch’s appearance.

To use acrylic nail polish to remove scratches, apply the polish on the damage the same way you apply it on your fingernails. Let it cure for several minutes or an hour, and clean the repair area. Sometimes, you may have to repeat the process several times for a few days until you achieve good results. However, keep in mind that this is only a temporary repair. When professional help is available, seek advice.

Cerium Oxide

Cerium oxide is commercially available as a white and pale yellowish powder used in various industries, including glasses. When mixed with the right amount of water, the paste is a good polishing and sealing agent that strengthens into a white crystal form. This makes it perfect for removing superficial scratches and polishing blemishes, limescale, scuff, and adhesive residue.

However, there are some caveats in using cerium oxide for removing scratches. First, it works best with buffing tools like a power drill to effectively remove windshield scratches. Relatively, hand polishing will do for minor scratches. The cerium oxide paste acts as a polishing agent when buffing.

Secondly, you’ll need to adhere to the temperature requirements for optimum performance. The ideal temperature ranges from 90ºF to 105ºF. Lastly, a proper mix between water and cerium oxide should be achieved for a good repair. This may also vary depending on the severity of the scratch. If you want a more aggressive repair, you’ll need a paste with more cerium oxide than water. For polishing and cleaning glasses, a paste with more water than cerium oxide will do. Cerium oxide may be hardly available on the store shelves, but you can buy cerium oxide online at Amazon for an average price of $10.

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Baking Soda

The mighty baking soda never ceases to amaze anyone with its broad range of uses. Aside from cooking, you can use baking soda to remove glass scratches. Like cerium oxide, all you have to do is create a repair mix of equal amounts of baking soda and water. The paste will act as a polishing agent during buffing. You may hand buff the repair zone for shallow scratches. For deep scratches, buffing with a power drill will work best.

Polishing Compound Bars Jeweler’s Rouge

Jeweler’s rouge is a polishing compound widely used in jewelry for buffing precious metals. This also works on polishing plastic, wood, and other materials. Jeweler’s rouge may come in different forms, depending on its commercial use. For scratch removal, they are available as polishing compound bars. You can find these polishing compound bars in brick-and-mortar stores. If these are not available in your area, polishing compound bars jeweler’s rouge is available online at Amazon for about $13 per bundle of six bars (see this article for best glass polishing compounds out there). It works as a polishing compound. You can buff around the scratch zone until the scratch disappears. Since buffing is done manually, these bars are ideal for superficial scratches.

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Windshield Repair Kits

There are scratch repair kits designed primarily for car windshields. These kits usually use either the industry-grade silicone or the advanced resin formula as the repair liquid to fix all sorts of damages to the windshield, such as rock chips, bullseye breaks, cracks, and scratches. The significant advantages of using these products are durability and quality. They are also resistant to extreme temperature changes, snow, and heavy rain. This provides a guarantee of endurance amidst the rugged stress of driving and rough outdoor conditions.

Some windshield repair kits have syringes and application tools designed for utmost accuracy in repairing bullseye breaks and rock chips. On the other hand, windshield crack repair kits only have a tube of repair liquid in each kit. If you’re looking for professional finish and shop quality repair, the windshield repair kits are the best choice.

Glass Scratch Remover

Aside from windshield repair kits, glass scratch remover products are designed to fix scratches on plastic and fiberglass. They also work on windshields and all sorts of glass surfaces, as long as the scratches are superficial. Unlike the windshield rock chip kits that contain repair tools or syringes, some glass scratch remover kits contain abrasive materials for quick attachment to power drills in case buffing is needed.

In addition, glass scratch removers are usually polishing compounds, unlike windshield repair kits that use resin and silicone. While these scratch removers may work on shallow scratches in windshields, these products were made for multiple scratches, not just in windshields but also in acrylic materials and plastic.

Best Options to Remove Windshield Scratches

There’s no perfect solution that applies to all. The best method to remove scratches in the windshield will depend on the type and severity of damage in the glass. For shallow, superficial scratches, DIY household methods may work but only as temporary fixes. Apparently, these materials will not last long amidst the rough outdoor environment and wind load stresses the windshield regularly endures.

For permanent repairs, the ideal choice is the windshield repair kits because they were designed and tested for windshields and automotive glasses. These kits have silicone or resin liquids for filling shallow cuts. Once cured, these materials toughen to match the strength of the original glass, sometimes more.

On the other hand, glass scratch removers may also work on superficial scratches that only require light buffing. For deep scratches that could not be erased by manual hand buffing, you’ll need a power drill for the job. These glass scratch removers have abrasive pads ready for attachment to the power drill. However, the sound of using an electric or cordless drill will deter some car owners from opting for this method, especially those who are not fond of doing DIY projects. If you don’t have a power drill at home, this may not be a viable option for removing deep scratches. For severe scratches, the windshield repair kit may do the job for about the same price as the glass and windshield scratch remover products.

Best Selling Windshield Scratch Removers

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