Quick Tips on Windshield Scratch Repair

You’ll need to get those nasty scratches on the windshield, and using windshield scratch repair kits will help solve the issue. Learn more in this quick guide.

A minor scratch may look like insignificant damage. But the distraction it can cause to the driver still provides potential risks. Despite the minor damage, you’ll need to remove the scratch as soon as it appears, and learning how to remove windshield scratches is a good way to start.

Quick Rundown on How to Fix Scratches in Windshields

Fixing windscreen scratches only takes a few steps. You will also need a few items for the repair. So, before anything else, prepare everything that you need, such as the repair liquid, a razor blade, and a lint-free cloth. You may need additional tools like power drills and abrasive discs to smoothen the surface and remove windshield scratch for deeper cuts.

  • First Step – clean the repair zone using microfiber and lint-free cloth.
  • Second Step – apply the repair liquid directly on the scratch.
  • Third Step – gently remove excess residues using a razor blade.
  • Last Step – wipe the area using the microfiber cloth for a glossy finish.

Do Scratch Repair Kits Work?

Scratches are superficial damages to the glass, and they are the easiest to repair compared to cracks, chips, and bullseye breaks with deeper cuts. That’s why you’ll find many scratch repair solutions using household items like baking soda, non-gel toothpaste, and DIY mixes to fix the problem. These methods may work temporarily, but they are not permanent solutions to the windshield problem. Likewise, these household DIY items to remove windshield scratch are not applicable for more serious damages.

Fortunately, there are car windshield scratch remover kits that also work in sealing the breaks and minimizing the appearance of the scratches on the windshield. These windshield repair kits are made of durable and high-grade quality repair liquid designed for endurance to withstand the stress demands of windshields. Some windshield scratch repair kits have repair liquids made of silicon, while other kits are using advanced formula resin. Either way, these products are good materials for windshield repairs, and they work better than household items.

Using Scratch Kit Repair Video

There are many online videos on how to remove scratches from windshields. Some videos detail the step-by-step process of using DIY household items to repair scratches. You’ll understand if they really work. Detailed YouTube videos about the use of professional windshield repair kits are also available. These are useful resources to help you understand which method works best for scratch repairs.

How to Choose the Best Windshield Repair Kit

Choosing the right repair kit to fix the windshield scratch seems fun. However, having multiple similar products on store shelves can become overwhelming. Knowing which products to use will reduce your stress and anxiety. Here are a few essential things to look for during shopping.

The Simplicity of the Application Process

Different kits have unique ways of repairing the damage on the glass. Some kits have effortless and quick processes, while others have complex steps requiring mixing and installing devices. One of the things that deter most car owners from choosing do-it-yourself projects is the complexity of the process. By choosing an easy-to-use product, you’ll improve compliance with the repair at the soonest time possible.

There are kits with straightforward steps, which can be performed by someone without technical expertise and prior experience. These kits also come with full details on every step for accurate implementation. Also, some kits may only take about 15 to 30 minutes to complete, while others will take an hour or two to finish. So, if you’re not a DIY enthusiast, go for kits with easy steps.

Completeness of the Kit

Not all kits are complete. Some may still require other items to complete the repair process. Generally, kits have everything you need for the repair, and nothing else. There are glass damages that demand intricate processes to repair, requiring special tools for a more accurate application of the repair liquid to the glass cuts.

For bullseye cracks, rock chips, and spiderweb breaks, a repair tool or a syringe is needed to ensure the repair liquid is further pushed into the deepest cracks with additional pressure. For scratches, you may need some items for buffering, like abrasive discs and polishing tools. So, choose the right kit for the specific damage on your windshield.

Curing Process

The curing time will vary according to the product. Some will cure as fast as fifteen minutes, while others require more time. However, the average curing time for most products is one hour. There are also products that demand a curing time of 24 hours. This may be insignificant as long as the repair is good. But if you are tight on schedule and always need the car on the road, you may consider the quickest curing time without compromising the quality of the repair.

Moreover, some kits contain curing films for a more effective curing process. These curing films cover and protect the repair zone from debris and moisture while the liquid resin is still soft and in the process of toughening. Therefore, kits with curing strips have a good advantage.

Best Windshield Scratch Repair Kits

When all things are considered, it’s time to choose the best brands. There are many trusted names in the industry, and Glass Polish and Itchoate are among the highly respected brands in windshield repairs.

Glass Polish has been a leading glass repair and polishing specialist since 2003. It is highly regarded as an expert in scratched glass, metal, leather, and acrylic repair services. They also have products for windshield scratch repair. On the other hand, Itchoate is another brand trusted by many for fixing scratched glasses. Below are some of the recommended kits to get started on the right track.

1. Glass Polish Windscreen Chip and Crack Repair Kit

BRAND: Glass Polish | MANUFACTURER: Glass Polish | ITEM MODEL NO.: 21101 | ITEM WEIGHT: 0.64 ounces | PRODUCT TYPE: Advanced Resin Formula | PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 4.8 x 4.33 x 1.65 inches | BOX CONTENTS: Bridge, Resin chamber, injector, resin chamber tip, glass repair resin (2ml), scraping blade, clear plastic curing film, and J cloth

The advanced resin formula of Glass Polish is arguably five times stronger than the windshield glass. This makes it the ideal kit for all types of repairs on glass damages including scratches. It comes with everything you need to repair a scratch, such as curing film, scraping blade, glass polishing compound, and wiping cloth.

Glass Polish 21101 Windshield Repair Kit, Chip and Crack DIY Repair, Removes Bulls-Eyes, Stars, Flower and Chips from Car Windshields
  • Repairs any chip type: bullseye, half-moon break, star damage (see images),
  • Repairs cracks up to 5mm (0.12inch),
  • Advanced resin formula is 5 times stronger than the original glass,

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2. Glass Polish 21002 DIY Glass and Windshield Polishing Kit

BRAND: Glass Polish | MANUFACTURER: Glass Polish | ITEM MODEL NO.: 21002 | ITEM WEIGHT: 7.5 ounces | PRODUCT TYPE: Advanced Resin Formula | PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 5 x 4.6 x 2.2 inches | BOX CONTENTS: 3-inch Hook and Loop Backing Pad M6, a universal drill attachment, 2 x 3-inch GP-PRO felt polishing pads, 1.7 oz GP-PRO glass polishing compound, glass cleaning cloth, and a set of instructions

Some deep scratches need buffering to smoothen the surface and effectively remove windshield scratches. This kit comes with a universal 6mm drill attachment that you can easily install to the electric or cordless drill driver. The result is not just complete removal of scratch but a shiny polished glass, as well. Unfortunately, the power drill is not included in the kit.

Glass Polish 21002 DIY Glass Polishing Kit for Do It Yourself Use on All Glass Surfaces – Ø 3 inch with Drill Attachment
  • Glass Polishing Kit for Removing Haziness & Surface Marks from Glass Surfaces
  • Removes Scuffs, Superficial Scratches, Limescale Deposits & Chemical Stains
  • For use with an Electric Drill the backing pad has a Universal Drill Attachment

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3. Glass Polish 23005 DIY Glass Polishing Kit and Windshield Repair

BRAND: Glass Polish | MANUFACTURER: Glass Polish | ITEM MODEL NO.: 23005 | ITEM WEIGHT: 9.2 ounces | PRODUCT TYPE: Advanced Resin Formula | PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 7.17 x 6.54 x 2.28 inches | BOX CONTENTS: 3-inch (75mm) Velcro Backing Pad (with drill attachment), 2 x 3-inch (75mm) Velour Backed Rayon Fiber Felt Polishing Pads with Extra Grip, 5 x 3-inch (75mm) GP50 – Blue Fine Abrasive Discs, 5 x 3- inch (75mm) GP100 – Green Medium Coarse Abrasive Discs, 1.7oz GP-PRO Professional Grade Glass Polishing Compound, water spray bottle, microfiber cloth, and instruction sheet

This kit is designed to be used with a 1500–2000rpm electric drill and ideal for DIY repairs. It comes with abrasive discs, felt polishing pads, and a high-grade glass polishing compound for a professional quality finish. You’ll have plenty of room on your options for the repair, and it comes with a detailed instruction manual to ensure you get things right.

Glass Polish 23005 Automotive Glass Scratch Removal Kit for Windshield & All Car Glass – Ø 3 inch with Drill Attachment
  • Auto Glass Scratch Remover Kit for Do It Yourself use with an Electric Drill
  • Removes Scratches, Scuffs, Wiper blade Scratches, Abrasions, Etching & Stains
  • Fast & Easy to use DIY version of xNet system for Professional Grade Results

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4. Itchoate Car Windscreen Glass Chip, Crack, Star, and Bullseye DIY Set

BRAND: Itchoate | MANUFACTURER: Itchoate | ITEM MODEL NO.: WRK1200730 | ITEM WEIGHT: not specified | PRODUCT TYPE: Advanced Resin Formula | PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 8.27 x 4.72 x 1.57 inches | BOX CONTENTS: repair resin, syringe, 5 curing films, 2 adhesive pads, blade, and pedestal.

The Itchoate DIY set is designed to fill the air cavity in the crack and scratches with a rugged penetrating adhesive that bonds the loose glasses and restores visibility. The kit comes with a syringe for easy and accurate application. There are also five curing strips to ensure the scratch length is fully covered.

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In a Nutshell

A windshield scratch is easier to remove compared to cracks. Sometimes, a quick buffering will do. For deeper scratches on windshields, you may need a professional windshield scratch repair kit to solve the issue effectively. Knowing your options on getting scratches out of a windshield will help you manage the problem better.

Best Selling Windshield Scratch Repair Kits

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