How a Windshield Snow Cover Works – A Practical Guide

If you can’t imagine traveling during the harsh winter weather conditions without a vehicle, all the more should you take care of your car. One way of giving your car the care it deserves during winter is to have a windshield snow cover. For a small price to pay for the investment of the cover, you will already enjoy numerous benefits for both you and your vehicle. So, let’s dig deeper into why you should get a windshield cover.

Why Buy a Windshield Cover

There’s more to car snow covers than keeping snow off your windshield. It’s easy to think you can get away with the required initial investment for the purchase by just spending a few minutes scraping the snow off, which may not be a big deal for you. However, if you are aware of the other significant benefits, you would surely buy one for a minimum investment. So, here are a few notable reasons why you should buy a windshield snow cover.

Avoids Scratches from Scraping

You may save about $30 for the cost of the windshield cover, but you could end up spending as much as $100 for the repair of deep scratches if you don’t have one. Careless scraping of the snow away from the windshield can lead to scratches. However, you can avoid the scraping altogether by having a cover. 

It Saves Time Scraping Snow Off Your Windshield

Perhaps you have plenty of time to clean the window before using the car to go to the office. However, what happens when you’re running late for work or if there is an emergency requiring you to get on the road immediately? Be prepared to be delayed by about 15 minutes or more as you scrape the snow off. If you have a windshield snow cover, it will take just a minute or less, and you’re off to go, significantly saving you precious time in emergencies.

Protects the Car’s Dashboard from UV light

Some snow covers are designed for dual or multiple purposes. You can use them during the winter for protection from snow and during summer for protection against sunlight. It can also function as a car shade to keep the in-cabin temperature down during summer and protect the dashboard from the harmful effects of UV light. 

The protection and convenience that the car cover provides are beyond measure, making it worth investing in. So, if you’re ready to invest in a car snow cover, we have a list of the top brands to make it easier for you to shop around.

Best Windshield Covers: Guard Your Car Against Snow and Debris

Not all windshield covers are the same, and it can sometimes be hard to determine which product is made of high-grade materials and which are inferior in quality. Some will last for years, while others may last only for a season. So, we’ve studied several products, tested some, and checked the feedback and ratings of actual users to come up with our top choices. You might find them helpful when shopping for one.

1. IceScreen Magnetic Windshield Cover

Manufacturer: iceScreen LLC | Brand: IceScreen | Model: CRV-B6-L | Type: Snow Cover | Material: Oxford Polyester | Item weight: 8 ounces | Product Dimensions: Top 62″, Bottom 63″, Height 45″ | Water Resistance: Yes | Vehicle Service Type: Ford, Dodge, Ram, Trucks, Range Rover
iceScreen Ice and Snow Windshield Cover – Fits Most Regular to Medium Sized Cars and Trucks (Black)
  • EASY TO USE – Car Cover. Simple setup uses magnets to quickly and easily attach iceScreen to your vehicle
  • EFFECTIVE – Constructed with reinforced double water proof coating, with freeze proof technology
  • VERSATILE – Designed to fit over almost any small to medium sized vehicle’s windshield

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Magnetic windshield covers are more secured and keep the cover firmly gripped to the glass for better protection against snow. However, magnets may compromise or scratch the paint jobs of your car. The IceScreen Magnetic Windshield Cover solves the scratch issue by covering the round magnets with gel paddings to keep the paint job pristine. Plus, it has wings with foam attachments to keep it secured into both doors and protect it against theft. It also has storm straps to provide a tighter fit and further secure the cover against high winds and blizzards. The IceScreen Magnetic Windshield Cover also features a reinforced double waterproof coating with freezeproof technology for added durability.

  • Magnets with gel paddings provide better grip to the windshield without the paint-scratch issue.
  • Features a reinforced double-waterproof coating with freezeproof technology.
  • With anti-theft and wind-resistance design.
  • Magnets are weak enough as stand-alone protection against heavy winds.
  • Dyed color could stain your leather seat cover. So avoid leaving it at the back of the car during summer.

2. ELUTO Windshield Protector

Manufacturer: Dannilipo | Brand: ELUTO | Model: ELUTOncvvhivsdv266 | Type: Snow Cover | Material: Aluminum | Item weight: 22.24 ounces | Product Dimensions: 9.84 x 7.09 x 3.54 inches | Water Resistance: Yes | Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car, Van, Truck
ELUTO Car Windshield Snow Cover for Car Front Windscreen Ice Cover Protector Waterproof Car Windshield Sun Shade Half Car Cover with Hook and Straps Fit Most Car, SUV, Truck, Van 96″x77″x65″
  • 【Hook Attachment】Cancel magnet design, easy to secure by using 4 elastic adjustable bungee straps attach to wheel hubs without causing any…
  • 【Durable & No Scratches】ELUTO Half Car Cover is made of three luxurious layers of material.The surface layer is made of Oxford composite…
  • 【Fluorescent Strips】4 reflective safety warning lines on mirror covers to protect your car at night for security.Washable, lightweight, folds…

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The ELUTO Windshield Protector is a practical windshield cover with three significant features. First, it is made of three high-grade layers of materials. An Oxford composite aluminum material comprises the surface layer for protection against wear and tear, while serving as excellent heat insulation at the same time. The middle layer provides the waterproof effect, while the bottom layer keeps the paint job safe by adding a soft-spun lace cotton to the magnets for added protection. The second notable yet unique feature is the fluorescent strips. It has four reflective safety warning lines on the mirror covers to make your parked car easily visible at night. Lastly, it is almost a half-car cover with full coverage beyond the windshield to include the two front driver-side and passenger-side windows, with a custom design for the side mirrors. The price is simply amazing. It is generally cheaper than the other brands that only cover the windshield.

  • Full extended coverage to include the windshield, the two front side windows, and the two side mirrors of the car.
  • With unique four reflective safety warning lines to make your car visible at night.
  • It features three-layer protection against snow, wind, and sunlight.
  • The extended coverage may take more time to install.
  • Storage pouch is not included.

3. SnowOFF Windshield Snow Cover

Manufacturer: SnowOFF | Brand: SnowOFF | Model: SnowOFF-CAR-BLACK | Type: Snow Cover | Material: Textile | Item weight: 0.16 ounces | Product Dimensions: 6.69 x 1.18 x 7.09 inches | Water Resistance: Yes | Vehicle Service Type: N/A
SnowOFF Windshield Snow Ice Cover – Custom Made Premium Quality Car Window Cover Silver – Windproof Straps, Magnets – Bonus Items – Universal Winter Rain Frost Automotive Snow Screen Guard – 2 Sizes
  • THE ORIGINAL AND BEST SNOW ICE WINDSHIELD SNOW COVER – Dont waste money on cheap covers that let you down – Buy quality that lasts – Hand Made…
  • WILL NOT BLOW OFF and EASY TO INSTALL – Custom made Windproof Webbing Straps easily attach to your Wheels for Secure Fit – Cheap elastic straps…
  • EXTRA LONG HOOD SKIRT covers Car Wipers and Sprayers – No More Defrosting – EXCLUSIVE PATENTED SHAPEFITS ANY VEHICLE – Best waterproof exterior…

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The main highlights of the SnowOFF Windshield Snow Cover are the peel-off, shake-off, and drive-off designs, so you can say goodbye to frozen fingertips. It has an extra-long hood skirt to ensure full coverage of the windshield plus the wipers and sprayers. The custom-made wind-resistant webbing straps make it easy to install and attach to the hub cap or front wheels of the car. It comes with internal suction caps to keep the cover tightly secured to the car and prevent theft as well as from being blown away by high winds.

  • Full windshield coverage, including the wipers and water sprayer.
  • Fully secured and attaches to the front wheels.
  • With internal suction cups to keep it well-secured.
  • Some may find it inconvenient to attach the straps to the wheels.
  • Thin and lightweight construction makes it easy to be blown away by winds.

Top Brands

While the above products are among the best in their respective categories, our top picks for the top two brands are Frostguard and OxGord windshield snow covers. Check out the brief summary of both products below.

1. FrostGuard Premium Winter Windshield Snow Cover with Security Panel and Wiper Cover

Manufacturer: FrostGuard | Brand: Delk | Model: 52871 | Type: Snow Cover | Material: Polyester | Item weight: 3.04 ounces | Product Dimensions: 59 x 42.5 inches | Water Resistance: Yes | Vehicle Service Type: Compact Cars, Sedans and crossover SUVs
FrostGuard Premium Winter Windshield Snow Cover with Security Panel and Wiper Cover
FrostGuard Pro Windshield Cover protects your vehicle windshield and wiper blades from snow, frost and ice so that you can start your day as quickly and easily as possible. No more scraping, cold hands or having to warm up your car to defrost your windshield.
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FrostGuard Pro Windshield Cover is made of high-grade heavyweight polyester that provides extended durability to ensure years of use and enjoyment of its benefits. It is equipped with weather-resistant PVC lining for superior wind resistance. The improved and new standard-size windshield frost cover can fit with most vehicles, from sedans and compact cars to crossover SUVs. The FrostGuard windshield cover has easy-to-use straps that fit with any car. Likewise, the straps make it easy to install and remove in just a few seconds or a minute. A quick-dry storage pouch is also provided for convenience and to keep it safe when not in use. The FrostGuard Windshield Cover comes with a 1-year warranty, which gives you further assurance on your investment. The strong polyester materials reinforced by weather-resistant PVC lining makes the FrostGuard a durable and reliable windshield cover, making it our top choice for the best windshield snow cover overall.

  • Weather-resistant PVC lining for superior wind resistance.
  • The 1-year warranty provides assurance on quality.
  • The FrostGuard Windshield Cover comes with especially designed straps for easy installation.
  • Provided dimensions may include the wings. So it is best to go for a bigger size.
  • Straps may sometimes tangle.

2. OxGord Windshield Snow Cover Ice Removal Wiper Visor Protector

Manufacturer: OxGord | Brand: OxGord | Model: FBA_WSSC-01-NW | Type: Snow Cover | Material: Polyester | Item weight: 17.6 ounces | Product Dimensions: 75 x 0.1 x 42.25 inches | Water Resistance: Yes | Vehicle Service Type: N/A
OxGord Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow – 700D Marine Waterproof Fabric for Harshest Weather- Fits Cars Trucks SUV Original Design As Seen on TV
  • Quit the Scraping Misery: OxGord’s windshield snow cover is best for blocking your windshield from the snow, ice, frost, blizzard, rain, sleet,…
  • Heavy Duty & Snug Fit: OxGord snow cover is made of a toughest 600D Oxford material blended with the softest PVC inner layer which provides…
  • Original Design for All Weather: Regardless winter or summer, OxGord snow cover for auto windshield protects against the sun, uv rays, heat,…

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The OxGord Windshield Snow Cover also works as a wiper visor protector. You can use it to cover the windshield as protection from snow and avoid scraping off the snow away when it’s time to use the car. Likewise, you can use it during summer as a thermal shield from the scorching heat of the sun. The waterproof 600 D polyester construction prevents it from sticking to the windshield glass and makes it easy to uninstall in seconds. Plus, there’s no trace of magnet in the materials to ensure the cover won’t scratch, smudge, or scrape off the paint of your vehicle, making it safe to use. With the OxGord Windshield Snow Cover, theft should be far from your concern since it has an anti-theft design feature to fully secure the cover. Furthermore, it provides a guarantee that it will not be blown away by the strong winds. The product also comes with a storage bag for safekeeping. The Polyester 600D is a highly durable fabric that is widely used in bags and luggages due to its sturdy construction. It is the same type of material used in OxGord windshield covers but with additional formulation to make it weather-resistant. This leads us to conclude that it is the most durable windshield cover for snow.

  • It is made of waterproof 600 D polyester construction to prevent it from sticking to the windshield glass.
  • Keep the paint job of your car safe with magnet-free materials.
  • With anti-theft security flaps to keep it safe from theft and heavy winds.
  • Color may fade after prolonged sunlight exposure.
  • Too much sun exposure accelerates depreciation.


Do Ice and Snow Windshield Covers Help?

Anything that adds an extra layer of protection to your car during snow can help unless your car is safely tucked inside a covered garage. The windshield cover for snow eliminates the hassles of scraping off the snow buildup on the windshield, a task that shouldn’t take more than a minute or two but could otherwise take about 20 minutes or more without the cover. Also, it greatly reduces the risks of scratching the windshield when you scrape off the ice or snow that sticks to the glass. So, it really helps, and it’s worth the investment.

What If My Windshield Has a Crack?

Any sign of a crack or chip should be immediately repaired to avoid worsening the damage. However, if a repair could not be done anytime sooner, a winter windshield cover can help by distributing the heavy load of the snow across the entire windshield instead of localized pressure against the cracked zone that could make it worse.

Are Car Snow Covers Worth It?

There are numerous benefits of snow window covers aside from the advantages during the winter. You can use it during summertime, too. It protects the windshield against bird droppings and flying debris from passing vehicles, even while your car is parked on the side of the road. During winter, it provides great relief and convenience, sparing you from the tasks of scraping off the snow buildup on the glass. More importantly, it prevents or eliminates possible scratching of the windshield during snow scraping.

Can You Put a Towel on Your Windshield?

If it’s freezing cold outside, but without snow, the easiest and quickest way to prevent ice and frost building is to put a towel on your windshield. This will save you precious time cleaning the windshield in the morning. However, if it’s snowing outside, you’ll end up having a frozen blanket to deal with in the morning. So, skip this hack if it’s forecasted to snow.

Tips and Advice for Windshield Covers

During winter, every minute counts. Leaving your car out in the open for a minute or two when it’s snowing could result in about half an hour or more of scraping the snow away from the windshield. So, it’s important to immediately place a snow cover for your car right after you park. However, there are times when unexpected incidents may happen if things are not done properly. You could be seeing a flying car windshield cover blown by heavy winds. In other cases, the cover got stuck to your windshield, and you have to wait for a couple of minutes for the glass to heat up so you can take it off. You could also end up having a cover that scratches the paint job of your vehicle or one with a size insufficient to cover the entire windshield.

You can avoid these things from happening by having the right windshield cover specific for your vehicle. Also, having the appropriate features applicable in your area can also help. If you live in a place with high winds, you should go for the covers with extra straps against strong winds and blizzards. 

A car snow cover sticking to the windshield can also be a problem. You can avoid this by going for nonstick materials. This is one of the things to keep in mind while shopping. There are more tips, and below are a few pieces of advice to help you with your car snow covers.

Cover Your Windows

We’ve seen many feedback from customers that the dimensions they got did not fully cover the windshield of their trucks and SUVs. Perhaps they went for the size of sedan windshields instead of trucks. You may have the exact dimensions, but sometimes, the actual size may vary, and the difference can be significant when you install it. So, it’s best to go for the next bigger size to ensure full windshield coverage. Still, having a full cover won’t guarantee that there will be no scraping work the next day. You still have to scrape off the snow in the side windows so you can see the side mirrors (unless you use a ziplog to keep your mirror protected – yep, that is a real thing). However, there are snow covers that include the windows, such as the ELUTO Windshield Protector. Aside from the windshield, it covers your windows, too. 

Keep the Engine Warm

If your car is covered with snow, starting the engine can help melt the snow buildup on the front hood. If you have a windshield cover, a warm engine can also insulate the snow cover with PVC lining and magnets, making it easier to take off. This is helpful if you happen to get an inferior cover that sticks to the windshield. 

Don’t Leave the Car Out Overnight!

It’s always best not to leave the car out overnight during winter. Heavy snow can cover your car completely the next day. However, if this is something you could not avoid due to a lack of an enclosed parking space, a car windshield cover can help minimize the scraping works. So, don’t leave the car out overnight without a cover. The bigger the cover, the fewer the scraping works.

Best Selling Windshield Snow Cover

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