Quick Buying Guide to Windshield Wiper Motor

Road visibility is everything when driving, and a clean and clear windshield is critical to your safety on the road. When the windshield gets blurry due to heavy rain, you’ll turn on the windshield wiper to do the cleaning job. However, if the wiper doesn’t work, one possible reason is a broken wiper motor that requires an urgent replacement. Buying an aftermarket replacement wiper motor part can be tricky, especially for first-time buyers. Worry not – here’s a guide to help you get started on the right track.

What Is a Windshield Wiper Motor?

A windshield wiper motor is the power source that drives the wiper blade’s movements. It is a part of the wiper system of the car and connected to the wiper arm to provide synchronized movements of the motor vehicle windshield wiper blades. Where is the windshield wiper motor located? You can find it mounted to the firewall of the car in between the driving compartment and the engine. In some vehicles, it is just located under the cowl near the windshield washer. It’s quick to locate for easy replacement.

Different brands have unique motor features with regard to speed and function. Some wiper motors have variable speeds of up to 60 revolutions per minute (rpm). Other motors can support different windshield wiper blade angles from 40 degrees up to 110 degrees to maximize wipe performance. So, there are several critical features to look for when shopping for aftermarket replacement wiper motor parts.

How Does a Windshield Wiper Motor Work?

Modern cars are now equipped with a Body Control Module (BCM). For some auto brands like Honda, it is called the Multiplex Integrated Control Unit (MICU), which controls the wiper motor. So, when you switch on the wiper system, the wiper switch sends a signal to the BCM to operate the wiper relay. Subsequently, the wiper relay will send a 12-volt power to the wiper motor, causing it to start and rotate the wiper arm connected to the wiper blades. This causes the wiper blade’s movements.

How to Tell When a Windshield Wiper Motor Is Bad

Your car will give you signs, telling you that the windshield wiper motor is bad. Apparently, the most obvious sign is a nonworking wiper. However, you can’t directly conclude that the wiper motor is the root cause because there are two possible reasons for the problem. The cause could be either electrical resulting in a busted fuse or mechanical due to a broken wiper arm assembly or a defective motor.

There are other signs that will show you how to tell if the windshield wiper motor is bad. This includes a slower or erratic wiper movement – the wiper blades have only one speed, and the wipers will not correctly park in the down position. If you see any of these signs, it may be time for a windshield wiper motor replacement.

The first step is to diagnose a nonfunctional wiper motor, and there’s a short video that shows the quick and simple process. The next step is to learn how to replace windshield wiper motors, which is an easy task that you can do yourself if you are fond of DIY projects. First, you must buy an aftermarket replacement part.

How Much Does a Windshield Wiper Motor Cost?

The cost of windshield wiper motor greatly varies depending on several variables, such as the brand of the replacement part, the type of vehicle, the car make, and the model of the vehicle. However, the typical costs of the aftermarket wiper motors range from a hundred dollars up to a thousand for larger and high-end vehicles. Also, if you add the labor fees, the average cost to replace a windshield wiper motor is at least $200. You can save much if you can do the replacement and installation yourself. However, you will also need to have the right tools when replacing a windshield wiper motor.

What Are Good Windshield Wiper Motors?

There are several brands of a universal windshield wiper motor to choose from. Among the popular names in the industry are Motorcraft, Bosch, TRICO, DENSO, WEXCO, Lucas, MITSUBA, ACDelco, AutoTex, and Valeo, among others. We’ve checked some, tested a few, and researched the reviews and feedback to come up with a list of the top three best windshield wiper motors.

1. Motorcraft WM-722 Wiper Motor

Manufacturer: Motorcraft | Brand: Motorcraft | Model: WM-722 | Voltage: N/A | Shaft: N/A | Item Weight: 3.05 pounds | Product Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 4 inches | Warranty: 24 months
Motorcraft WM-722 Wiper Motor
  • Package Dimensions: 10.921 H x 21.082 L x 15.494 W (centimeters)
  • Fits multiple makes and models (contact seller with your vehicle for fitment compatibility information)
  • Part number: WM-722

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A registered trademark of the Ford Motor Company, Motorcraft® is the official OEM parts brand for Ford vehicles since 1972. It also manufactures premium-quality aftermarket replacement parts for other automotive brands. Motorcraft® wiper motors are engineered for optimum performance and exceptional durability. They are tested for high- and low-speed current draw, high- and low-speed rpm, as well as speed differential to ensure consistent wiper performance through the years. In order to easily fit in with your budget, Motorcraft WM-722 Wiper Motor assemblies are available as brand new or remanufactured parts. Also, every Motorcraft® wiper motor purchase is backed by a 2-year warranty regardless of the mileage. This gives you further assurance on its performance.

2. WEXCO 4R Wiper Motor

Manufacturer: Wexco | Brand: AutoTex | Model: 4R1.12.R110D | Voltage: 12V | Shaft: 1.5-inch | Item Weight: 3 pounds | Product Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 5 inches | Warranty: 30 days
Wexco 4R Wiper Motor - 4R1.12.R110D - 1.5" Shaft, 12 Volts, 3 spade wiring terminals
  • Durable Wiper Motor: the electric wiper motor is made using high quality materials. The heavy-duty construction assures longer durability in the...
  • High Performance Wiper Part: features 2.5" Shaft, 2" Thread and 5" Drum. The WWF motors include self-contained wiper system with oscillating 1/2"...
  • DIY Wiper Motor Replacement: this genuine windshield motor is easy to install and comes with gears and cables for easy fitting. The motor ncludes...

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WEXCO wiper motors adhere to the best tools and practices to guarantee extreme quality and durability, and they are certified to the high ISO 9001:2015 standard. WEXCO 4R Wiper Motors are manufactured by WEXCO Industries, with 30 years of experience in providing world-class aftermarket replacement parts. The motors are engineered to perform at variable speed, with a high-speed heavy-duty capacity that effectively wipes away debris, grime, dirt, snow, and ice buildup. The speed range starts from as low as 40rpm to as high as 60rpm. It is also equipped with a two-speed wiper switch for easy and quick adjustment of wiper angles up to 110 degrees to ensure all-round cleaning performance. WEXCO 4R Wiper Motors were tested to at least 1,500,000 operating cycles to guarantee they meet the rigorous SAEJ198 and SAEJ942 testing standards for automotive windshield washing systems, thus providing assurance on its durability.

3. AutoTex Windshield Wiper Motor

Manufacturer: Wexco | Brand: AutoTex | Model: 4R2.12-19S2.R110D | Voltage: 12V | Shaft: 1.5-inch | Item Weight: 2.94 pounds | Product Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 5 inches | Warranty: 30 days
Wexco Wiper Motor, 4R2.12-19S2.R110D, Two and a half inch (2.5") shaft, 12V With Two-Speed Switch Installed
  • 2.5" Shaft (2" of thread and 5" of drum)
  • 12V wiper motor
  • Speed: 40RPM on low-speed and 60RPM on High-Speed

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AutoTex may be a fresh name, but it has a rich history in the wiper system business, which started in 1991 in New Jersey as Wiping Express. Later on, it evolved into WEXCO Industries and took part in developing and launching some wiper programs of Rain-X. By 2015, AutoTex spun off from its parent company, WEXCO, in order to provide better services and high-quality products to its target markets. AutoTex wiper motors feature an all-weather and highly durable sealed casing for added longevity and unwavering performance during bad weather. The casing protects the wiper motor during snow, even if you don’t have a windshield snow cover. The corrosion-resistant body construction is designed for heavy-duty use and perfect for vehicles located in areas with extreme temperatures. The adjustable two-speed switch can perform at various speeds, ranging from 40rpm to 60rpm. Plus, there are six possible options for the blade angles, starting from 40 degrees up to 110 degrees, thus allowing you to pick the appropriate setting for any environmental condition. It’s a great windshield wiper motor for heavy-duty vehicles.

Which Windshield Wiper Motor Is Best for Your Car?

It can be a bit confusing to choose which wiper motor is best for your car. However, if you are a Ford vehicle owner, the best choice is Motorcraft wiper motors because of the OEM fit and function advantage. It also works great for other vehicle brands, coming from a well-known automotive manufacturer and trusted by millions all over the world. WEXCO is an ideal choice for cars in areas with heavy torrential rains. The high-speed capacity of the WEXCO wiper system can provide clear visuals during bad weather conditions. Thus, if you’re located in the icy North with weather extremes, you’ll do well with AutoTex wiper motors with durable casings for added protection while giving you unfaltering wiping performance.

Best Selling Windshield Wiper Motors

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