How Much are Windshield Wipers in 2022?

If you need to replace or repair your windshield wipers, you might be wondering the price you can expect to pay. The price will vary depending on the brand and type of windshield wiper you buy. The price can also change according to the type of car you buy, as larger and longer windshield wipers tend to be more expensive. If you’re confused about how much you might need to pay for new wipers, this guide will go over all the information you need to make sure you are paying a fair price. We will also explain why you need to make sure you are changing your wipers regularly.

Why Do You Need to Change Your Car Wipers Regularly?

You need to be changing your car wipers more often than you think. Most advanced auto parts experts recommend changing the car wipers every six months. So, if you can’t remember the last time you changed your wipers, you might want to consider buying some new ones and swapping out the old ones.

You also need to make sure you change the wipers when you notice them not making proper contact with the windshield. Wipers that are squeaking, smearing, or streaking also need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Failing to change your car wipers will result in snow and ice buildup, which can be dangerous and even life-threatening because you will not be able to see the cars and roads in front of you.

If you aren’t sure if the blades need to be changed, here are some things you can check to help you determine if it’s time for new windshield wipers blades or not:

  • First, check for visible missing prices, tears, and cracks.
  • Next, make sure the squeegee can still move back and forth and that it’s still flexible.
  • Make sure the edges are not worn and that the wiper blade 
  • making strong contact with the windshield.
  • Make sure the wiper blade is securely on the wiper arm.
  • Make sure the frame is in place and does not move quickly.
  • If you see a problem with any of the things listed above, you need to make sure you replace the blades immediately. In addition, windshield wiper blade replacement is essential if you notice them working poorly or differently than they used to.

It’s normal for windshield wiper blades to deteriorate quickly, especially when UV light from the sun and wax and oils from the car. However, seeing the road is crucial when driving, so you should never leave old or worn-out blades on the vehicle.

Cost to Fix Windshield Wipers vs. Cost to Replace Windshield Wipers

Repairs will usually be cheaper than replacements because they require less labor and don’t require that you buy new wipers. If you are replacing the blades yourself, the price will be cheaper. Installation of windshield wiper blades is usually very easy, so you should do it yourself.

Wiper blade replacement costs can vary by mechanics and where you live. For replacement, you can expect to pay between $23 and $38. Labor will be extra, usually around $8 to $12. The exact cost will also depend on how long it takes to replace the blades and which ones you buy.

Sometimes, the blades can cost more at the mechanic or automotive place. So, many people choose to buy the blades online and then take them into the automotive place for replacement. If you don’t want to buy for labor, you can always try to watch some videos to help you replace the wipers yourself.

If you are just repairing the blades, the labor cost will be lower, and you will not need to pay for more wipers. However, since wipers are pretty cheap, it might be better to just get them replaced completely. If the repair work is not good, you might also get stuck replacing them anyway.

If you aren’t sure which one to choose, you can always ask the repair mechanic what they recommend so that you get the best deal and aren’t stuck overpaying.

So, How Much are Windshield Wipers?

Starting with your windshield clean wiper cost can be complicated because it depends on the brand and the type you get. Some people with certain model cars will be paying more than others. Trucks and heavy-duty vehicles usually have a higher average for blades than smaller cars.

New windshield wiper blades’ average price can differ from $13 to $40 per blade. Some brands sell their blades in double packs, which can help you save money because you will not have to buy each blade separately. You might also not need to buy both blades if only one of your wipers is broken.

If you choose a high-end brand, you can be sure you will pay more for the wipers. High-end brands include Bosch, Michelin, Aero, and Valeo. If you choose one of these brands, you will almost always pay more than if you choose mid-end or cheaper windshield wiper blades.

If you only need to repair the blades and not replace them completely, you will pay less. For example, the replacement of a squeegee strip is usually only $2 to $12. If you want a pair, it will be double. The exact price will depend on the length of your wipers, though, and the brand. The rubber blade attached is usually less expensive than Teflon or silicone. This is partly because rubber is not as durable and will need to be replaced or repaired more often.

The type of car you drive will also change the price of the blades. For example, if you drive an SUV, you can expect to pay $7 to $20 or double that price for a pair if you are replacing both of them. For a Camry, you can expect to pay $14 to $22.

You will also have to pay more if you own a luxury car. Sometimes they can be as high as $15 to $50 for one, depending on the brand and the type you get. For example, BMW blades are around $34 for a pair, and Mercedes Benz blades are about $38 for a pair.

These are the prices for basic blades that don’t have any extra features added to them. If you want blades with more features, you will pay more. For example, some brands sell wiper blades with heat components and a wiring harness. Unfortunately, these are also often harder to install, so you will need to pay more money for labor.

These wipers are usually sold as Everblades, Heat Flexx, Ice E-Liminator, and Thermalblade. These usual windshield wipers cost $100 to $200 for a pair and then $30 to $55 for refills. These wipers are not necessary for any car, though. They are only if you have extra money and want some wipers with additional features.

Keep in mind that the price will also affect the material and the quality. Higher quality wiper blades will always cost more than ones made from cheaper materials. So you might be tempted to get cheaper blades if you are short on cash or if you just want to save money. Keep in mind, though, that cheaper blades will not last as long. This means you will have to replace or repair them more often, which can be a drain on the wallet.

More expensive blades will also provide more stability. This means they will wipe the windows more effectively, and they will have just the right amount of pressure onto the window. This makes the water bead quicker and allows you to have better visibility while on the road. Always consider this when you are buying blades because you want to ensure you have ones that allow for easier and more convenient driving.

Additional Costs

While the wipers are the bulk of the cost when you need replacement, it’s not the only cost. If you are not installing the blades yourself, you will need to pay for a mechanic or worker at an automotive place to install it for you. This will often include labor and wiper blade assembly and installation fees. This usually isn’t too much money, but it can range from $12 to $30.

If you live in a large city, it might cost a bit more because the cost of living and wages are higher. Always ask for the price ahead of time, so you know for sure how much you will be paying.

If you bought the windshield wipers from the auto company, they might install them for free. There are many parts stores that have discounts and programs like this to encourage people to buy their products instead of looking for the wipers online. Ask the store if they can install the wipers for free if you purchased the wipers from them.

If you replace the windshield wipers, you might also want to refill the washer fluid. Most places will not charge you for labor when refilling this if they are already replacing the wipers. You will need to buy the windshield washer fluid, though, which is about $3 to $20 depending on the brand and the size of the bottle. You can find windshield wiper fluid cheaper online than you would at the automotive store.

If you are concerned about the additional costs, you can always shop around for the cheapest mechanic or look for discounts and coupons online. You can also ask the store for discounts if you get other work done. For example, some will replace wipers for free if you are already paying for oil changes or other services that amount to a larger amount of money.

If this is the case, make sure you get all your work done on the same day or schedule it at the same time so you can get all the discounts that are offered.


As you can see, the price for windshield wipers has an extensive range because it largely depends on what brand of wiper you choose. Your car will also affect the price as luxury cars are often more expensive for wiper replacements. Labor and other services performed also affect the cost. The higher quality of the blades, the more they will cost. They will also last longer, though, which means you will have to replace them and repair them less often. It might seem like more money initially, but it will almost always save you money in the long haul.

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